Bill Cosby On His Most Recent Death: Please Stop, It Isn’t Funny [Video]

One bad thing about Twitter is that it is a huge medium for misinformation.  So many people see an interesting tweet, instantly believe it, and retweet it, without fact-checking anything.  That’s exactly what happened recently when Bill Cosby was reported dead for the fourth time.

He’s not dead, of course, but thanks to the guy who tweeted it, everyone thought he was.  Cosby’s family and friends called his house in tears to find out if he was okay.  The person behind this clearly does not understand how upsetting this is.  “I just wanna say to friends of that person,” Cosby said in a CNN interview, “just tell him to stop because it isn’t funny.”   Read more of this post


YouTube Raises Maximum Upload Limit To 15 Minutes

YouTube has always allowed its users to upload as many videos as they want, with one condition:  the video cannot exceed 10 minutes (actually, the cutoff point was around 10:58), unless of course your account is included in one of YouTube’s partner programs.  YouTube is changing that.  It is boosting the maximum upload limit to 15 minutes.   Read more of this post

You Gotta Hear This: The Steve Jobs Song [Video]

Fanboys have nothing on this guy.

Jonathan Mann, the guy behind the Bing jingle, and later the hilarious MG Siegler song, and most recently the iPhone antenna song, is at work again.  This time he’s giving us a song about Steve Jobs.

If Apple-biased blog posts bug you, this song will make your head explode.   Read more of this post Is The YouTube For Startups is a video service that lets startups share news, follow their favorite companies, and contribute to tech news.

Vator was founded by Bambi Francisco Roizen.  It began back in 2007 “a little garage project,” and has evolved into a thriving community.   Read more of this post

The Next Big Thing On Facebook: Video

Last week, comScore released its U.S. Online Video Rankings for the month of April 2010.  It seems that the social networking giant Facebook has shot up in the rankings.  With its 41,335,000 uniques in April alone it may not be a direct competitor of Google (specifically YouTube and Google Video), but it’s certainly headed that way.

Facebook is currently sitting in the number 5 spot, just behind Yahoo, Fox Interactive Media, and Vevo.   Read more of this post