Twitter Startup Tips

As you may or may not know, Twitter has a little bit of a learning curve. It’s not a bad curve until it is compared to Facebook and things people are more familiar with. Your average Facebook user that doesn’t use Twitter, will look at it and see a project they don’t want to tackle. Here are a couple of tips that I have seen around and have come up with myself to help those people ease in to Twitter. Read more of this post



I absolutely love where technology is has been going in the last couple years. The merger of technology and life as we know it is becoming closer and closer to becoming complete. Things like FlipBoard for the iPad and the Sixth Sense Project all just make me giddy inside. Just the other day, I saw something that will probably change my whole perspective on the way I look at the world around me. Read more of this post

First Impressions Of The X8

I finally received my new mouse in the mail yesterday. You have no idea how excited I was. If you want to know a little bit more, here is a post I made a while ago about a mouse I really have come to not like. I got the package and opened my new mouse, the Microsoft Sidewinder X8. Read more of this post

Tips For Reformatting

Every once and a while, your computer will get so full of stuff, so slow, or maybe it gets a few to many viruses and you just say that’s enough. It’s time to reformat your computer. Clear everything off. Start from scratch. Get your brand new, super-fast computer back. I’ve put together a couple of tips for when you decide to take on this task of reformatting your hard drive. Read more of this post

Tweetup: Good Or Bad?

A Tweetup can be put together for many different reasons, most of the time to just get together with, communicate and connect with like minded people from Twitter. As you may know, I tried putting together a Tweetup in my current city, Madison, SD. It was held on June 22nd and I would call it a success even if others don’t. Read more of this post

Your Social Life On HootSuite 5

As you’ve noticed from previous posts I’ve made and you will see in posts that I will be making in the future, I absolutely love social media. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, not so much MySpace….. LinkedIn, Forums, FourSquare, I just love them. They are a revolution in the way we communicate with each other. Well this post is not going to be any different. HootSuite 5 has just been released and you should try it out. Read more of this post

WordPress 3.0 Is Here

Unbeknownst to the average blog reader but out there for all WordPress users around the globe is the new WordPress 3.0 update. Along with the new default theme, relevant help menus, a new look and a boatload of bug fixes, WordPress has implemented a very nice little menu feature. This menu creator is what I think will become the most used and then forgotten about part of the WordPress 3.0 update. Read more of this post

Meet People? Like IRL?

Tweetup – A real-life meeting organized on the social networking site Twitter. Thanks again Wikipedia. A Tweetup is when a bunch of people that have been talking to each other on Twitter want to meet in real life and talk in person. This is what Twitter is about. It’s about making new friends, meeting new people and making new connections. Have you been to a Tweetup yet? Read more of this post

The Best Of WWDC

So as everyone know, Apple’s WWDC was today, June 7th. They announced a couple new things and went through a bunch of the new features of the new iOS4. But what was the biggest announcement of the day? Was it about the iPad? Was it the number of apps downloaded from the App Store? Was it the iPhone 4? Was it Farmville being available on the iPhone? Read more of this post

Mac vs. PC: Part Three

Part three is here. You’ve read part one and part two of Mac vs. PC Inflecto Vita style but you’re still not quite sure. You are still a little bit anxious about a Mac. What about all of those things your PC friends said? Welcome to part three. I will be going through all of the most common Mac myths and debunking them just for you. Read more of this post