Bill Cosby On His Most Recent Death: Please Stop, It Isn’t Funny [Video]

One bad thing about Twitter is that it is a huge medium for misinformation.  So many people see an interesting tweet, instantly believe it, and retweet it, without fact-checking anything.  That’s exactly what happened recently when Bill Cosby was reported dead for the fourth time.

He’s not dead, of course, but thanks to the guy who tweeted it, everyone thought he was.  Cosby’s family and friends called his house in tears to find out if he was okay.  The person behind this clearly does not understand how upsetting this is.  “I just wanna say to friends of that person,” Cosby said in a CNN interview, “just tell him to stop because it isn’t funny.”   Read more of this post


Microsoft’s Mystery Hardware: Arc Touch Mouse, Set To Launch In September

Microsoft has been teasing a new piece of hardware via Twitter over the past week, and we now know what it is:  The Arc Touch Mouse.

Details of the device began surfacing in early July as retailers began publishing store listings for a “Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse.”  Microsoft registered on March 30, and redirected it to a Bing search for “arctouchmouse.”  According to inside sources, it is set to launch in September 2010.

Presumably, the mouse came about as a result of Microsoft’s “Mouse 2.0” research project.  The project outlined different designs for a possible multi-touch mouse, one of which looking very similar to the Arc Touch Mouse.   Read more of this post

Facebook May Be Testing A New “Delete Account” Option

Updates at bottom of post.

This is totally unverified, but several sources from across the web seem pretty sure that this is the real deal.  It appears that Facebook is testing a “Delete Account” option, in addition to the previous “Deactivate Account” option.  If you’re not familiar with Facebook history, you had to jump through hoops to delete your account, and even then your account was not truly deleted.  Presumably, this new feature could make account deletion considerably easier.

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iPhone 4 + Verizon?

Well this is it.  It is finally happening.  Well, maybe.

According to a report from Bloomberg today citing two unnamed sources, Verizon Wireless will be getting the iPhone in January.  All the companies involved are declining to comment, but Bloomberg seems to be confident in their two sources who are “familiar with the plans.”

This information could be backed up by the Wall Street Journal’s report in March that said that a CDMA (Verizon’s network type) capable iPhone would be entering production at some point this year to be released at some point afterwards.   Read more of this post

Is YouTube Adding Live Streaming Functionality?

After live-streaming presidential speeches, healthcare debates, and even Tiger Woods’s confession, YouTube may be close to opening up live-streaming for all.  These screenshots suggest so, anyway.

TechCrunch noticed this extra toolbar on a YouTube employee’s help page.

While adding live streaming would inevitably cause copyright infringement and bandwidth issues, it looks like it could be a possibility.  How long could they keep it behind the scenes with startups like,, and Livestream popping up?