Making An iPhone App – A Barebones Guide

Developing an iPhone app is a long, complex and arduous process but extremely rewarding both professionally and educationally. It requires dedication to progress to the preliminary steps required to develop a working, desirable application. Why take my advice on this convoluted matter? I personally several months ago, was in the position that you, the reader are presumably in, I had no experience developing applications for mobile devices and indeed minimal experience with the iOS Software Development Kit. I currently have a free quiz application on the app store called ‘Computer Geek Quiz’ which, in its first week as a free app achieved over 700 downloads. I also have several small applications currently under development.

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Do you have what it takes? – The Path to programming

Now ever since I was aware of computers I have always been obsessively interested in how they work. The first language I ever became aware of was html, I know not a programming language but an interpreted design language. I next became aware of Visual Basic.NET which is an object oriented programming language and essentially Basic with the .NET framework tacked on and a load of other advanced language features. 

After learning my first commands in VB.NET I fell in love with programming and my knowledge of computers began to balloon and expand extremely fast, literally one week I had no idea that another operating system apart from Windows existed and the next I was triple booting Windows, OSX86 and Linux using multiple partitions. Then I started to learn C++ and Java and experimented with Linux programming. Visual Basic.Net had taught me many programming fundamentals which made learning C++ much easier than it otherwise would have been. While learning C++ I used difference API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to create windowed applications for different operating systems. The API’s that I used were GTKMM and Win32.   Read more of this post

DataVoila: “The Programmable Editor For The Pro User”

Note: I was compensated in exchange for writing this post.  All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’re a programmer, you know what a pain it is to convert data between many different sources and formats.  It’s time consuming and very tedious.  DataVoila automates this process for you.  It’s very versatile, yet it is about as far from bloatware as you can get.  There’s beauty in simplicity.

I asked developer Andreas Wulf how this program would be valuable to people, to which he responded, “DataVoila is for anyone who needs to extract, validate, convert or generally edit structured or unstructured data and wants to automate this task.”   Read more of this post