Facebook Holiday

May 31st 2010. This is a very important day. A day to get outside, spend time with your family and to remember the people that have made an impact in your life. Today is the official Quit Facebook Day. Read more of this post


Facebook Isn’t Violating Your Privacy. You Are.

With the creation of Facebook’s Open Graph, many people are questioning whether they should be using Facebook when so much information could be publicly visible.  Many people are going as far as deleting their accounts (which is apparently a very rigorous process).  When you do this, I think there’s one thing you’re not really considering:  Facebook didn’t post those photos of you when you were drunk.  YOU DID.  Facebook didn’t post that status update talking about what an S.O.B. your boss is.  YOU DID.  Facebook isn’t at fault here.  YOU ARE.   Read more of this post

19-Year-old Facebook CEO Didn’t Care About Privacy

These instant messages, supposedly sent by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, show that privacy has never been a priority to Facebook.   Read more of this post