Jon Miller On The New MySpace: “It’s Rock And Roll”

Daniel Roth, of Fortune, asked News Corp. digital chief Jon Miller about MySpace at the Fortune Brainstorm conference in Aspen.  Miller appropriately joked “well it’s still around,” and then continued to say there are some exciting new things on the horizon.  According to Miller, “MySpace is pregnant with product.”  He says they want to “go younger” to get back to their core user base.  He also mentioned that MySpace was surprised by the fast growth of mobile usage, and they will be embracing it in the future.   Read more of this post


Your Social Life On HootSuite 5

As you’ve noticed from previous posts I’ve made and you will see in posts that I will be making in the future, I absolutely love social media. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, not so much MySpace….. LinkedIn, Forums, FourSquare, I just love them. They are a revolution in the way we communicate with each other. Well this post is not going to be any different. HootSuite 5 has just been released and you should try it out. Read more of this post

Side Effects Of The Imeem Sellout

Remember when Imeem sold out to MySpace?  Yeah, I’m still getting over it.  MySpace is a place where startups (and existing companies like this one) go to die.  About 3% of each of my playlists were able to be recovered on MySpace music.  But that’s a rant for another time.

Something you probably didn’t know about Imeem is that they partner(ed) with Internet startups and provided music players for various online services (such as social networks), including Friendtown.  On Friendtown, users could click a button and instantly get a Friendtown-branded Imeem playlist on their profile.  Every network Imeem partnered with got disconnected from this service, without any warning whatsoever, when Imeem sold out to MySpace.  Why, Imeem?  Why?

Social Media “Experts”

Occasionally, I’ll receive an email from a reader who wants me to answer a quick question for them.  I got one today and started to think, “Hey, why just send one person a reply email when all of my readers can benefit from my answer?”

Today, I got an email from a reader regarding social media, as well as so called “social media experts.”   Read more of this post

“Pushing Pixels Around” On MySpace

MySpace is hard at work at re-imagining their user interface.  Today I’ve gotten my hands on a PowerPoint presentation that MySpace wants to keep private.  It was made by Tim Sutcliffe about recommendations for rebuilding MySpace’s app platform.

Sutcliffe was one of the four people involved in the RemakingMySpace project.

Rebuilding the apps platform was, of course, a side project, but it shows the kind of work the group was actually doing.

This document recommends doing what you might call “pushing pixels around” instead of wiping everything out and building from the ground up.

MySpace would not comment for anyone on this document.

Click here to download the document.

RemakingMySpace (Out Of The Question)

In the summer of 2009, Katie Geminder was hired by MySpace to assemble an army of outside designers and user interface experts to remake the image of MySpace by building from the ground up.  The team consisted of four people, and they worked for six months out of a conference room in MySpace’s San Francisco offices.  They were working on a new site that would be located at

RemakingMySpace was going to be something totally different—with all the old stuff thrown out.  Users and employees would be solicited for input.  They planned to rebuild the service entirely, brick by brick.

It was an exciting and opportunistic project, but now it’s dead.  Geminder left MySpace recently.  The guy who hired her was terminated a week before she left.

The project was doomed before it started.  Geminder was strongly pushing the project, obviously, and she was being supported by Van Natta, CEO at the time.  Chief Product Officer Jason Hirschhorn hated the idea.  He wanted to see a more straigh-forward redesign of MySpace.  However, that didn’t matter as long as Van Natta was still CEO.  But when he was gone, Hirschhorn became a co-president and RemakingMySpace was flushed down the toilet.

MySpace still wants to re-imagine its user interface, but RemakingMySpace is not going to be their solution.