Making An iPhone App – A Barebones Guide

Developing an iPhone app is a long, complex and arduous process but extremely rewarding both professionally and educationally. It requires dedication to progress to the preliminary steps required to develop a working, desirable application. Why take my advice on this convoluted matter? I personally several months ago, was in the position that you, the reader are presumably in, I had no experience developing applications for mobile devices and indeed minimal experience with the iOS Software Development Kit. I currently have a free quiz application on the app store called ‘Computer Geek Quiz’ which, in its first week as a free app achieved over 700 downloads. I also have several small applications currently under development.

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So 20 Android Phones Outsold 1 iPhone? But How?!

Shocker:  On Monday, Android sales overtook iPhone sales.  This seems to be a big deal to the media, but why?  How many Android phones (that are still being sold) are there in the US?  I’d say 20, more or less.  Why is it so shocking that those 20 phones, on 4 carriers, overtook 1 phone, on 1 carrier?  Sure, it’s a known fact that Google Android is an iPhone competitor, but on what world is it logical to compare the sales of 20 different phones to 1 single phone?   Read more of this post

Android Wallpaper App That Steals Data Downloaded By Millions

Editor’s Note: This app shows “no evidence of malicious behavior,” researchers say.  It is, however, being regarded as suspicious.  Read about that here.

According to mobile security firm Lookout, a questionable Android wallpaper app that collects data and sends it to a mysterious website based in China has been downloaded by millions of users.

Apps that seem good but could actually be stealing your data are a huge risk as mobile apps are skyrocketing on smartphones, said John Hering, chief executive, and Kevin MaHaffey, chief technology officer of Lookout, in their talk at the Black Hat security conference yesterday.   Read more of this post

Jailbreaking Is Officially OK

Vocal jailbreaking critics such as Apple itself have always cited the fact that hacking your smartphone is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  Now they need to come up with something else to keep people from doing it, because that argument is no longer valid.  The Copyright Office has just issued a set of exemptions to the DMCA, making jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone legal.   Read more of this post

iPhone 4 + Verizon?

Well this is it.  It is finally happening.  Well, maybe.

According to a report from Bloomberg today citing two unnamed sources, Verizon Wireless will be getting the iPhone in January.  All the companies involved are declining to comment, but Bloomberg seems to be confident in their two sources who are “familiar with the plans.”

This information could be backed up by the Wall Street Journal’s report in March that said that a CDMA (Verizon’s network type) capable iPhone would be entering production at some point this year to be released at some point afterwards.   Read more of this post

Breaking: HTC Evo Is Still A Joke

Over the past few days, I’ve sent out a few tweets (including this, this, this, this, and others) talking about the ridiculousness of the HTC Evo’s battery life.  Everything I said was completely true.  Sure, it was opinionated, but I think anyone in their right mind would agree with me.  Of course, negative opinions do not come without criticism, do they?  To those of you who emailed me, @replied/DMed me on Twitter, and commented on my Evo articles, you are a fool to believe that the HTC Evo is an iPhone competitor.   Read more of this post

White iPhone 4 Unavailable Until Second Half Of July

Apple has released a statement saying that the white iPhone 4 will not be available until the second half of July due to manufacturing challenges.  It is unclear what these challenges are at this point.

Apple said that the shortage of the white iPhone will not affect the supply of the black one, but if you really want a white one, you’re stuck waiting until the second half of July.  When the iPhone 4 was made available for pre-order, we assumed that the white version would be available in stores on June 24.   Read more of this post

iPhone Sells Out In Under A Day, Even With AT&T Pre-Order Failures

Less than 24 hours after iPhone 4 became available, it is completely sold out.  Both AT&T and the Apple Online Store are out of them.  You can still pre-order, but only for the second batch, which will ship by July 2.

The fact that Apple is through their first run of iPhones after about 20 hours is impressive alone, but it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that they would’ve been gone twice as fast if the pre-order system was actually working.   Read more of this post

Only Black iPhone 4 Available For Pre-Sale

Apple has started pre-sales of the iPhone 4 on Apple’s online store.  But as the rumors have said, only the black version is available for pre-orders.  The store notes “White iPhone currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pickup.”  They provide no estimation as to when the device will be made available.   Read more of this post

[Poll Results] iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo

Two days ago, I posted a poll asking our readers which big smartphone they thought was in the lead:  The iPhone 4 or the HTC Evo.  The poll is now closed, and the results are in.