Making An iPhone App – A Barebones Guide

Developing an iPhone app is a long, complex and arduous process but extremely rewarding both professionally and educationally. It requires dedication to progress to the preliminary steps required to develop a working, desirable application. Why take my advice on this convoluted matter? I personally several months ago, was in the position that you, the reader are presumably in, I had no experience developing applications for mobile devices and indeed minimal experience with the iOS Software Development Kit. I currently have a free quiz application on the app store called ‘Computer Geek Quiz’ which, in its first week as a free app achieved over 700 downloads. I also have several small applications currently under development.

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iPhone Video Chatting: Face Time

With iOS 4 on the iPhone come video calling!  Steve Jobs announced it in an interesting way at WWDC today, as part of his famous “One More Thing” sequence.  He said, “In 2007, when we launched the iPhone, it was my privilege to make the first public call to one of my best friends.  I’d like to take the opportunity to do the same here.”

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Steve Jobs On iAds

Steve Jobs, at WWDC, just demonstrated iAds, advertising within applications on the iPhone.  He said the point of iAds is “to help our developers earn money so they can continue building apps.”

iAds will be launching July 1st.

Advertising partners have already committed $60 million to iAds.

iPhone OS 4 (iOS4) Is Here

The next version of the iPhone operating system is here.  This version will include multitasking, app folders, and a new version of Mail.  The new name is iOS.  That name is owned by Cisco.

The new iPhone will be released on June 24.