My interview about my thoughts on blogging.

I did an interview with Drew from a couple of days ago and I’d like to thank him for publishing it. I talk about my thoughts on blogging on UTG and technology in general. You can read it here.


An Interview About My Thoughts On Blogging

I was interviewed a couple of days ago by Drew from, who interviews upcoming bloggers who aren’t necessarily in the mainstream yet.  Falling into that category, I thought hey, why not?  It was fun sharing some of my goals and perspectives on the subject of blogging, and I’d like to thank Drew (a.k.a. BenSpark)  for publishing the interview.

If you’d like to take a look, you can click here to read it.

No Kidding: This Android Phone Is $50,000

How much money would you pay for an Android phone?  Is $100 too much?  How about $200?  $300?

What about $50,000?  That wasn’t a typo.  The Ulysse Nardin Chairman phone is 50,000 freaking big ones.  It’s in beta right now, but it is going to run Android 2.1 and will come in multiple styles, such as a diamond studded design.  Even the box is amazing.  It’s a fancy dock with speakers and a USB port.   Read more of this post