Big Brother Internet Will Watch Your Home For You

Dropcam is a startup that offers a whole new take on video surveillance.  If you decide to pay for the provided package, you are getting a webcam and access to an application that shows you what the camera is recording at any given time.  You can actually view the live video feed anywhere you have an Internet connection.  It is also available on the iPhone and iPad.

You can choose to receive email or mobile alerts based on criteria such as motion capture and time of day.  By paying the monthly fee, not only do you get access to the live feed, but you can also record and archive video whenever you want.  You can record and download several full days of footage per month.   Read more of this post


Chrome OS First Look

Almost every techie is waiting with baited breath to see what Google is offering as a competitor to the likes of Windows and OSX. Google Os Screenshot

I personally love Google’s products thus far and use the likes of Chrome, Gmail and YouTube almost daily and I am extremely excited about Chrome OS. Having seen the screenshots for this OS from what I can see the OS seems more akin to a smartphone Operating System than a desktop one. It will certainly be interesting to see what Google has done with the extra resources a conventional computer has, such as a faster processor and more RAM (Random Access Memory) than a smartphone.   Read more of this post

Internet Explorer 9 Screenshot Leak

IE9 ScreenshotAs a technology enthusiast I have been watching the browser wars with baited breath and am exited to see Microsoft throw it’s latest IE hat into the ring.

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Make Easy Money With Fiverr

Trying to make money online? I know for a fact that there are a lot of people that are looking for something easy like that. How do I know that? I am in the same boat. I would love something easy to do, that doesn’t take much time but can make you more than .000326 cents a click. This is legitimate money that you can be making here. A very cool website that I found a while ago is called Fiverr. Read more of this post

Facebook Game Updates

Everyone has that friend or friends that all they use Facebook for is to play those stupid games or take those weird quizzes. You may be one of those people! That’s ok! Facebook users can fight against these people!

This is a tip that has been around for a while but I don’t know if many people know about it. All I ever hear is people complaining about this when there is a super easy fix! Just follow this quick tutorial that will show you how to get these game updates under control. Read more of this post

Where In The World Are You?

So I was thinking about the post I made the other day about social networking websites. There is a type of networking that I kind of forgot about and that I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on. Geo-location social networking is an up and coming new type of social networking that is taking the world by storm. Read more of this post

US Government Plans To Disconnect The US From World Wide Web


Writing this article will be quite an undertaking, not only because of the amount of information I must deliver, but also because it pains me to accept the fact that this idea is becoming a reality.  Let’s try to get into this.

On March 3rd, we covered a story via YouTube about the government’s plans start policing the internet.  Now it seems that they think that just policing the Internet may not be enough for what has been discovered to be their purpose:  to prevent online networking with enemy countries.

Flaws In The Government’s Policing Plan:

You see, even with governmental sentries on every corner, there are bound to be some underground locations where said networking can take place.  The World Wide Web is a big place, and the government doesn’t have the ability to monitor every website and every network in existence.

It is for that reason that Mike McConnell deems it necessary to disconnect the United States from the Internet, or abolish the Internet altogether.

That’s right.  He wants to take the Internet and throw it in the garbage, and the entire Obama Administration supports his ideas in full. Read more of this post

.COM Turns 25!

This year, the .com domain name is 25 years old, and there’s a website called dedicated to celebrating it.

The site’s catchy slogan says, “1985’s most lasting contribution turned out to

be three letters and a punctuation mark.”

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Timing Is Everything

I know that my previous post of eBay was pretty popular (or at least ‘popular’ for my site…) so I have been planning another sometime and I guess this is the first time I have gotten around to it yet. The first one was very broad and general but had a lot of good tips in it. You can find that post, “Make Money On eBay!!” here.

I’ve decided to make this post about another tip that I have been thinking about recently. I noticed this when I was actually trying to buy something and I noticed one thing that the seller did horribly wrong.I am assuming that most people reading my blog/using eBay will be in the US so I’m sorry if you have to insert some of your own information into this post to make it make sense.

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Respect The List!

One service that I really enjoy that I haven’t really written a blog post on about yet is Twitter. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should. Twitter is super easy and can be very fun and informative. But I’m not really here to tell you about Twitter, this post is more to rant at the people that use Twitter.

Twitter has pretty much stayed the same since it has been in existence, it is still super simple. There have been minor changes like the retweet button and this new location tweeting and for some reason, people always make a huuuuge deal out of it. But to narrow this topic down again, I’m not here to rant at the people that make a big deal about these changes, I’m here to rant about something that nobody has made a big deal about yet.

One of the biggest changes to Twitter that I have seen since I started using it in early 2007 is the addition of lists. This little should be revolutionizing the Twitter world but nobody seems to be using it.

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