Facebook Is On ‘Lockdown’ As It Prepares For Its War With Google

Google isn’t the only one gearing up for a social network battle.

Rumors recently surfaced that Google is working on developing a Facebook competitor called Google Me (which, I might point out, is a God-awful name), and it only became more obvious with their recent acquisition of social app maker Slide.

We are now hearing from a reliable source that Facebook is working on fending off Google’s plans.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg has officially declared that the company is on “lockdown” for the next 60 days.  Within this lockdown period, the office is open on weekends as the company works to revamp all of the major Facebook features in preparation for the rise of Google Me.  Apparently Zuckerberg even has a neon “Lockdown” sign on his office door.   Read more of this post


Eric Schmidt On Google Wave’s Death: “We Celebrate Our Failures.” [Video]

As you may have heard, Google Wave is now dead.  But why?  Google CEO Eric Schmidt took some time after the Techonomy conference to answer that.

Thanks to MG Siegler of TechCrunch for the video.   Read more of this post

So 20 Android Phones Outsold 1 iPhone? But How?!

Shocker:  On Monday, Android sales overtook iPhone sales.  This seems to be a big deal to the media, but why?  How many Android phones (that are still being sold) are there in the US?  I’d say 20, more or less.  Why is it so shocking that those 20 phones, on 4 carriers, overtook 1 phone, on 1 carrier?  Sure, it’s a known fact that Google Android is an iPhone competitor, but on what world is it logical to compare the sales of 20 different phones to 1 single phone?   Read more of this post

Google Wave Waves Goodbye

It was fun while it lasted.  Google has announced that it will be ending further development of Google Wave, their real-time messaging platform.

Wave was unveiled in May of 2009 at the Google I/O event in San Francisco.  It could be described as a combination of email, IM, and Twitter.  Users can drag and drop files from their desktop to the conversation.  It also allows for real-time document collaboration.

Although Wave had some loyal users who loved the service (including our own Devon Schreiner), “it has not seen the user adoption we would have liked,” says Google.   Read more of this post

Chrome OS First Look

Almost every techie is waiting with baited breath to see what Google is offering as a competitor to the likes of Windows and OSX. Google Os Screenshot

I personally love Google’s products thus far and use the likes of Chrome, Gmail and YouTube almost daily and I am extremely excited about Chrome OS. Having seen the screenshots for this OS from what I can see the OS seems more akin to a smartphone Operating System than a desktop one. It will certainly be interesting to see what Google has done with the extra resources a conventional computer has, such as a faster processor and more RAM (Random Access Memory) than a smartphone.   Read more of this post

Suspicious Android Wallpaper App Shows “No Evidence Of Malicious Behavior,” Say Researchers

Earlier today, we covered the Android wallpaper application that, according to Lookout, a mobile security firm, was harvesting user data like text messages and browsing history and sending it to a suspicious Chinese website.  It turns out that the press went a bit overboard here by reporting this as a major mobile security risk, and Lookout has published a clarification on its blog.

The post says that while there is something suspicious about this application, it wasn’t accessing the kind of data the initial reports talked about (it does not access text messages or browser history).  Sure, the app is sending some potentially sensitive information, such as your subscriber identifier, but Lookout still says there is no evidence of malicious behavior from this app.   Read more of this post

Google: We’re Not Currently Blocked In China

Google just released a statement saying that they are not currently blocked in China, and that a server issue was probably the cause of the misread.

Because of the way we measure accessibility in China, it’s possible that our machines could overestimate the level of blockage. That seems to be what happened last night when there was a relatively small blockage. It appears now that users in China are accessing our properties normally.

Please also note that the dashboard is not a real time tool.

YouTube Raises Maximum Upload Limit To 15 Minutes

YouTube has always allowed its users to upload as many videos as they want, with one condition:  the video cannot exceed 10 minutes (actually, the cutoff point was around 10:58), unless of course your account is included in one of YouTube’s partner programs.  YouTube is changing that.  It is boosting the maximum upload limit to 15 minutes.   Read more of this post

Google Gets Caffeinated

Google’s latest web indexing system is promising “50 percent fresher results for web searches.”  It’s called Caffeine.

The main difference with Caffeine is this:  The old index would search one group of sites, then another, then another, then another, with each group being less prioritized than the previous group.  The Caffeine algorithm is indexing everything constantly.  Caffeine is what Google needs to follow ever-changing services like Twitter.  Our world is becoming digitalized at a very high rate, and Caffeine will help Google keep up.   Read more of this post

OnStar Is Integrating Google Maps

Onstar has made a deal with Google to start integrating Google Maps into all OnStar navigation systems.  Onstar users now have the ability to use Google Maps to find directions to a destination, and then send those directions right to OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn navigation service.

The new feature will be available on all Turn-by-Turn capable GM vehicles starting with the 2006 model year.