Nicholas Negroponte: The Physical Book Will Be Dead In 5 Years

Today at the Techonomy in Lake Tahoe, Maria Bartiromo sat down with a few panelists including Bill Joy, Kevin Kelly, Nicholas Negroponte, and 
Willie Smits.  The topic was the future of technology, and Negroponte had something very interesting to say.

He said that the physical book is dead.  According to him, people are going to have a hard time accepting it, but it is happening.  Think about film and music.  Back in the ’80s, people like him were predicting that physical film was about to die, and companies like Kodak were denying it.  Back then, everything was physical, but things are changing now.   Read more of this post


Find New Music, Books, And Movies That You Will Like

TasteKid is a discovery engine that provides instant recommendations for new music, movies, shows, books and authors based on your existing preferences.  It’s a cool concept, but I was skeptical at first about how well it would work.  Then I gave it a try, and it blew me away.  I input a few movies that I have seen and liked, and it output a bunch of movie titles, most of which I have also seen, and enjoyed.  This proves just how accurate this thing is.   Read more of this post

Piracy, Morals, And Perception: The Underground Book

Are you a pirate?  (That was rhetorical, people.)  What do you think of when you hear that word?  Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean?  Or do you think of a media junkie sitting in his basement collecting digital media illegally using torrents?  What constitutes piracy, and what morals, values, and laws do you need to be aware of?   Read more of this post