My interview about my thoughts on blogging.

I did an interview with Drew from a couple of days ago and I’d like to thank him for publishing it. I talk about my thoughts on blogging on UTG and technology in general. You can read it here.


An Interview About My Thoughts On Blogging

I was interviewed a couple of days ago by Drew from, who interviews upcoming bloggers who aren’t necessarily in the mainstream yet.  Falling into that category, I thought hey, why not?  It was fun sharing some of my goals and perspectives on the subject of blogging, and I’d like to thank Drew (a.k.a. BenSpark)  for publishing the interview.

If you’d like to take a look, you can click here to read it.

JotPress: An Alternative Way To Blog

JotPress seems like a very interesting startup to me.  It gives its users a whole new easy and free way to create and publish content on the web by using nothing but their email account.  JotPress allows you to type whatever you want and have it published instantly just by emailing it to  You don’t even need an account with the website, just a working email address.   Read more of this post

WordPress 3.0 Is Here

Unbeknownst to the average blog reader but out there for all WordPress users around the globe is the new WordPress 3.0 update. Along with the new default theme, relevant help menus, a new look and a boatload of bug fixes, WordPress has implemented a very nice little menu feature. This menu creator is what I think will become the most used and then forgotten about part of the WordPress 3.0 update. Read more of this post Enables “Surprise Me” Feature

Matt from WordPress earlier today unveiled the “Surprise Me” option for blogs.  He refused to reveal what it did.  He said, “If you’re open to new things and serendipitity in your blogging life try leaving it on as you go about your normal blogging activities of posting, commenting, checking your stats, and such, and see what pops up.”  I’m giving it a try.  To turn it on, go to your Personal Settings and check the box. Read more of this post