Are you interested in becoming an author on United Tech Guys?  If so, you’ll need to send an email  Before doing so, please read through our requirements below.

  • Be DEDICATED!  We want people who will post often, and who will dedicate some of their time solely to writing UTG articles.  We would like to see at least an article or two every week.
  • Write about relevant information.  This is usually limited to technology news and startup company profiles/reviews.
  • Use proper grammar.  This is critical to our success as bloggers.  If your articles are not written clearly, who would want to read them?
  • Create original content.  Copying and pasting someone else’s article, even with attribution, is inadequate.  If any UTG authors are found to violating any copyrights, they will be removed from the team immediately.  That’s not how we operate.
  • Realize that the editors may change your article in any way necessary to make it better, such as correcting grammar mistakes, or rewording a sentence or two to clarify the message you’re trying to convey.
  • If you can follow those rules, then you’re all set!  Just shoot an email to Brad Merrill at  In your email, introduce yourself and tell us about you.  Also, please tell us how often you will be able to make posts and whether you’ll be able to do on-location stories.