Contribute Videos maintains a YouTube channel to provide visual demonstrations.  The channel is maintained entirely by Brad Merrill, and the password is never shared.  However, we do accept screencasts from the public to add to the channel.  If you contribute to our YouTube channel, we’ll promote your channel, blog, or website through United Tech Guys, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz.  That’s 5 very beneficial links to your site in exchange for a single video!  That’s one heck of a deal!

Before you make your screencast, please read the following guidelines so you understand our expectations.

  • You must introduce your screencast by saying something like, “This is a screencast for the UnitedTechGuys channel.”  This eliminates any plagiarism confusion that could arise.
  • We only accept AVI, WMV, or MP4 format videos.
  • Do not include any intro/outro clips.
  • Please allow us to upload the video to our channel FIRST.
  • Feel free to promote your own channel, blog, or website at the end of your screencast.

Those are the rules.  If your video abides by them, please email as an attachment to  We’ll take a look at it and upload it to YouTube if we find it appropriate.  Thanks for your interest!