Big Brother Internet Will Watch Your Home For You

Dropcam is a startup that offers a whole new take on video surveillance.  If you decide to pay for the provided package, you are getting a webcam and access to an application that shows you what the camera is recording at any given time.  You can actually view the live video feed anywhere you have an Internet connection.  It is also available on the iPhone and iPad.

You can choose to receive email or mobile alerts based on criteria such as motion capture and time of day.  By paying the monthly fee, not only do you get access to the live feed, but you can also record and archive video whenever you want.  You can record and download several full days of footage per month.   Read more of this post


YouTube Raises Maximum Upload Limit To 15 Minutes

YouTube has always allowed its users to upload as many videos as they want, with one condition:  the video cannot exceed 10 minutes (actually, the cutoff point was around 10:58), unless of course your account is included in one of YouTube’s partner programs.  YouTube is changing that.  It is boosting the maximum upload limit to 15 minutes.   Read more of this post

You Gotta Hear This: The Steve Jobs Song [Video]

Fanboys have nothing on this guy.

Jonathan Mann, the guy behind the Bing jingle, and later the hilarious MG Siegler song, and most recently the iPhone antenna song, is at work again.  This time he’s giving us a song about Steve Jobs.

If Apple-biased blog posts bug you, this song will make your head explode.   Read more of this post

Camtasia Studio 7 Basic Tutorial [Video]

Camtasia Studio, from TechSmith, is probably the most widely known screencasting and video editing program out there, and I’ve put together a basic video tutorial for version 7, the latest and greatest.  It highlights the bare necessities you need to start using Camtasia Studio.  I’ll probably do more specific tutorials for it in the future.   Read more of this post Is The YouTube For Startups is a video service that lets startups share news, follow their favorite companies, and contribute to tech news.

Vator was founded by Bambi Francisco Roizen.  It began back in 2007 “a little garage project,” and has evolved into a thriving community.   Read more of this post