My interview about my thoughts on blogging.

I did an interview with Drew from a couple of days ago and I’d like to thank him for publishing it. I talk about my thoughts on blogging on UTG and technology in general. You can read it here.


Best free and paid webhosts

If you’re planning on becoming a web master then choosing a webhost is an extremely important decision and with a huge amount of choice available choosing is a daunting task. I’m someone who always likes to get the best results at a minimum price and you can’t get more cost efficient than free. My website is hosted  on a free server that you may find hard to believe in looking at it as it’s ad-free. I started my webmaster quest many years ago and one of the first free webhosts I ever tried out was Bravehost which had a large selection of tools available but these were all substandard unless you paid to upgrade them. This was the best I could achieve with Bravehost (Please ignore my 10-year-old technical in-adeptness and sinful runescape playing. The site was created in 2005) Bravehost also places a multitude of ugly ads on the site. The webhost I currently use for Xtreme Tech is awardspace.

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New Amazon Kindle – Direct shot at iPad?

I’ve personally been following Amazon’s innovative ebook reader solution the kindle and I believe this is the first that has anything on the iPad.  Read more of this post

Your A Dumbass

Hey dumbass!  Someone sent you a link to this article to let you know that you suck at grammar.  Seriously dude, read a book!  If you speak English natively and still can’t figure out the difference between “you’re” and “your,” you need to promptly sit down and indulge in a 3rd grade English class.

I can pretty much guarantee that you will never have a successful career beyond a McDonald’s drive-thru if you’re can’t master even the basics of written English.

So how do I learn this English thing you speak of? Let me give you a few pointers to get you started, and you’ll be well on your way to speaking and writing like a literate individual! Read more of this post

Find A Mouse That Fits

One thing that I am very picky about when it comes to computers it my mouse and keyboard. The logic is there though. When you are using your computer you are manipulating the mouse and keyboard to make everything else happen. In some cases, like mine, where I use a computer a lot, I am using my mouse and keyboard a lot too. That means I want to have a set of input devices that I like to use. Read more of this post

I Live The Google Lifestyle

I really want to apologize for not posting in a while but you have to understand, it’s finals week in school and I’ve been moving into my new apartment. It’s been a super busy time here for the last week or so but I’m back!

The funny thing is though, that I was never really gone. I wasn’t tweeting, updating my Facebook, writing blog posts, or even commenting on other blogs but I was still here. I was still reading everything and paying attention to everything that was going on. With the help of my Google account and my Motorola Droid I couldn’t be more connected.   Read more of this post

Do You Shake Babies? There’s an App For That.

I’ll try to get through this article quickly without letting it become too much of a rant.  This is outdated information, but that doesn’t make it any less appalling.

A few months ago, an app was submitted to the iPhone app store called Baby Shaker.  Basically, it displays a poorly drawn picture of a baby and plays crying sounds.  To make it stop crying, you shake your iPhone really hard until the baby’s eyes are replaced by two red X’s, obviously implying that the baby is dead.  Seriously.  After several complaints were sent to Apple, the app was pulled.

Apple’s application approval methods are really screwed up.  There are so many questionable apps that have been approved, such as this one, and the $1,000 app that did absolutely nothing (which has since been pulled).  However, there are so many legitimate, quality apps that are being rejected.  Why?  For an example, Apple is rejecting apps that compete in any way with any Apple app (such as Alex Sokirynsky’s podcast application, Podcaster, which was similar to Apple’s podcasting app).  They, without comment, have also pulled WiFi locator apps.  Apple really needs to fix their approval methods, because they are utterly senseless.  Honestly, if you ban something for having an icon similar to Apple’s icons, why approve a baby murdering app?

If you don’t believe me about the Baby Shaker app, here’s proof in the form of a YouTube video: