Tips For Reformatting

Every once and a while, your computer will get so full of stuff, so slow, or maybe it gets a few to many viruses and you just say that’s enough. It’s time to reformat your computer. Clear everything off. Start from scratch. Get your brand new, super-fast computer back. I’ve put together a couple of tips for when you decide to take on this task of reformatting your hard drive. Read more of this post


Camtasia Studio 7 Basic Tutorial [Video]

Camtasia Studio, from TechSmith, is probably the most widely known screencasting and video editing program out there, and I’ve put together a basic video tutorial for version 7, the latest and greatest.  It highlights the bare necessities you need to start using Camtasia Studio.  I’ll probably do more specific tutorials for it in the future.   Read more of this post

Hide Your Facebook Status From Specific Friends

Editor’s Note: This great guest post was written by Jeffery Williams, owner of Williams Tech Consulting in San Francisco.

Have you ever been in the situation where you wanted to post a status update, but didn’t want everyone on your friend list to see it?  Because of social pressure, there are certain people with whom we cannot just reject friendship on Facebook.  If you’re in that scenario, you will find this little underused Facebook feature very useful.   Read more of this post

Facebook Game Updates

Everyone has that friend or friends that all they use Facebook for is to play those stupid games or take those weird quizzes. You may be one of those people! That’s ok! Facebook users can fight against these people!

This is a tip that has been around for a while but I don’t know if many people know about it. All I ever hear is people complaining about this when there is a super easy fix! Just follow this quick tutorial that will show you how to get these game updates under control. Read more of this post

How To Write A Novel Using yWriter5

If you are an author like myself, you know how much it sucks when things get terribly disorganized.  I’ve tried so many things to keep my writing organized.  At times I would even keep a separate Word document for each chapter.  Needless to say, that got out of hand quickly.  So what’s the best way to stay organized?  In my opinion, yWriter5 by Spacejock Software is the best free novel writing program available right now. Read more of this post

How To Extend A USB Cable Farther Than 15 Feet

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to connect some hardware to your computer via USB, but the hardware was too far away?  USB specifications limit the maximum USB run to only 15 feet.  However, there is a good way to bypass this limitation for a ridiculously low price. Read more of this post

How To Design An Awesome Facebook Fan Page

Creating a successful Facebook fan page is not an easy task, but rest assured, it can be done.  I have designed a simple but usable fan page for United Tech Guys, and I have a few tips to offer those in the process of designing a fan page.

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Email to SMS

Here’s a quick tip I decided to share. I recently made a presentation based on the “Carrier Pigeon” presentation given at Defcon 17. This presentation by Brandon Dixon was based on an attack using conventional email spamming techniques to attack phones. This is a modified version of my presentation, basically making this a tool for good. If you want to check out Brandon’s presentation, recordings can be found here.

There is an easy way to send SMS text messages to phones from computers. All you need is the number you want to text and an email client. This works for any email client whether it be GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Thuderbird or anything else you can think of.

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How To Get An RSS Feed For Your YouTube Channel

Do you have a YouTube channel?  Have you ever wanted to have an RSS feed for that YouTube channel?  Well friends, it’s possible.  YouTube has an RSS feed for every channel it hosts; it just doesn’t make it obvious how one might access that feed.

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Timing Is Everything

I know that my previous post of eBay was pretty popular (or at least ‘popular’ for my site…) so I have been planning another sometime and I guess this is the first time I have gotten around to it yet. The first one was very broad and general but had a lot of good tips in it. You can find that post, “Make Money On eBay!!” here.

I’ve decided to make this post about another tip that I have been thinking about recently. I noticed this when I was actually trying to buy something and I noticed one thing that the seller did horribly wrong.I am assuming that most people reading my blog/using eBay will be in the US so I’m sorry if you have to insert some of your own information into this post to make it make sense.

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