Twitter Is Now More Torrent Friendly

Twitter just got a little more torrent-friendly with the release of BitTorrent’s Torrent Tweet, an app you can add to torrent client uTorrent to organize Twitter discussions about individual torrents.  With this app, individual torrent files are given hashtags that can be searched on Twitter, like this one.   Read more of this post


Bill Cosby On His Most Recent Death: Please Stop, It Isn’t Funny [Video]

One bad thing about Twitter is that it is a huge medium for misinformation.  So many people see an interesting tweet, instantly believe it, and retweet it, without fact-checking anything.  That’s exactly what happened recently when Bill Cosby was reported dead for the fourth time.

He’s not dead, of course, but thanks to the guy who tweeted it, everyone thought he was.  Cosby’s family and friends called his house in tears to find out if he was okay.  The person behind this clearly does not understand how upsetting this is.  “I just wanna say to friends of that person,” Cosby said in a CNN interview, “just tell him to stop because it isn’t funny.”   Read more of this post

Twitter Startup Tips

As you may or may not know, Twitter has a little bit of a learning curve. It’s not a bad curve until it is compared to Facebook and things people are more familiar with. Your average Facebook user that doesn’t use Twitter, will look at it and see a project they don’t want to tackle. Here are a couple of tips that I have seen around and have come up with myself to help those people ease in to Twitter. Read more of this post


I absolutely love where technology is has been going in the last couple years. The merger of technology and life as we know it is becoming closer and closer to becoming complete. Things like FlipBoard for the iPad and the Sixth Sense Project all just make me giddy inside. Just the other day, I saw something that will probably change my whole perspective on the way I look at the world around me. Read more of this post

Find Some New People To Follow On Twitter

Twitter has just announced a new feature that will help you find new people to follow.  Since Twitter has over 100 million users, there are bound to be a few that interest you that you are not currently following.  There is now a “Browse Interests” tab on the “Find People” page.  You can browse popular Twitter accounts by category, and find some new users to follow.  If you like a suggestion, click “Follow.”  If not, click “Hide,” and the user will not be suggested again.   Read more of this post

Find New Music, Books, And Movies That You Will Like

TasteKid is a discovery engine that provides instant recommendations for new music, movies, shows, books and authors based on your existing preferences.  It’s a cool concept, but I was skeptical at first about how well it would work.  Then I gave it a try, and it blew me away.  I input a few movies that I have seen and liked, and it output a bunch of movie titles, most of which I have also seen, and enjoyed.  This proves just how accurate this thing is.   Read more of this post

Snaptu Update: Twitter, HuffPo, Midday, And More

Mobile application suite Snaptu went down for maintenance last night and came back up with several new features.  A few changes have been made to the Twitter app, and two new apps have been added to the gallery.   Read more of this post

Looking For The Best Android Twitter Client? Try Twitter’s!

Are you looking for the best Android Twitter app?  Have you tried Twitter’s?  I have to take a moment to vouch for Twitter For Android (or just Twitter, as it’s called in the Android market).  I have tried several other clients on the Android platform, including HTC Peep (which comes pre-installed on every HTC smartphone), Seesmic, Hootsuite, TwitDroid, and others.  Most of those are really great applications, but the official app, in my opinion, is far better.   Read more of this post

Tweetup: Good Or Bad?

A Tweetup can be put together for many different reasons, most of the time to just get together with, communicate and connect with like minded people from Twitter. As you may know, I tried putting together a Tweetup in my current city, Madison, SD. It was held on June 22nd and I would call it a success even if others don’t. Read more of this post

Your Social Life On HootSuite 5

As you’ve noticed from previous posts I’ve made and you will see in posts that I will be making in the future, I absolutely love social media. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, not so much MySpace….. LinkedIn, Forums, FourSquare, I just love them. They are a revolution in the way we communicate with each other. Well this post is not going to be any different. HootSuite 5 has just been released and you should try it out. Read more of this post