Facebook Isn’t Violating Your Privacy. You Are.

With the creation of Facebook’s Open Graph, many people are questioning whether they should be using Facebook when so much information could be publicly visible.  Many people are going as far as deleting their accounts (which is apparently a very rigorous process).  When you do this, I think there’s one thing you’re not really considering:  Facebook didn’t post those photos of you when you were drunk.  YOU DID.  Facebook didn’t post that status update talking about what an S.O.B. your boss is.  YOU DID.  Facebook isn’t at fault here.  YOU ARE.   Read more of this post


Facebook Banned In Pakistan

Officials in Pakistan are ordering Internet service providers to block Facebook because of a page that urged users to post pictures of the prophet Muhammad.  If you don’t know, publishing pictures of Muhammad is strictly prohibited in Islamic countries.  Facebook had a decent user-base in Pakistan, but it’s gone now.  I guess free speech is a thing of the past, huh?   Read more of this post

19-Year-old Facebook CEO Didn’t Care About Privacy

These instant messages, supposedly sent by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, show that privacy has never been a priority to Facebook.   Read more of this post

You’re Going To Edit Your Interest Connections On Facebook One Way Or Another

A couple weeks ago, we covered the new connections on Facebook profiles, and now Facebook is determined to get you to add them.

As you can see (left), where it used to say “View My Profile,” it now says “Edit My Profile.”  This is a discreet move to get people to add connections to their profiles.  I click there anytime I want to view my profile, so now I always end up adding connections.

You WILL add connections, whether you like it or not!

Facebook Announces Updates To The Community

Okay, so if you’ve been reading United Tech Guys today, you already know all about the updates announced at Facebook’s f8 conference, but Facebook is giving its users all the in-depth information on the site at this point.  The next time you log into Facebook, you’ll get a box that looks like the one below prompting you to check out all the Facebook announcements.

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Microsoft Launches Docs.com With Facebook’s Open Graph

At Facebook’s f8 conference earlier today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Microsoft is making use of Facebook’s Open Graph with Docs.com.  This application is for Facebook users to collaboratively edit Microsoft Office documents with their Facebook friends.  It utilizes the Facebook Connect auto-login feature announced today at f8, so you don’t have even have to click a button to login.

The documents can be switched between online and the desktop.  Microsoft, of course, is soon moving Microsoft Office to the Internet, but Docs.com is going to take off a lot quicker because of its Facebook support.

Facebook Is “Building A Web Where The Default Is Social”

At Facebook’s f8 conference today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the many building blocks currently being produced by Facebook to spread it across the web.  Some of the components to his idea of “building a web where the default is social” include Facebook Like Buttons on countless third party sites across the web, capabilities for auto-login on third party sites via Facebook Connect, and a Facebook social bar which will include several of these plugins as well as Facebook chat.   Read more of this post

Facebook Predicting 1 Billion Likes On The Web In Just 24 Hours

Today at Facebook’s f8 conference in San Francisco, CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted that within 24 hours of the release of the “Like” Button, there will be over 1 billion likes across the web.  Facebook already has 30 big-time partners who are installing the Like Button on their sites today.   Read more of this post

What Are Facebook Ads Worth?

What’s the value of an ad on the internet? What would you pay? What would you expect? Well there is a company that teamed up with Facebook a while ago to try to figure that out. Nielson, a marketing and media information company, did a study researching which ads worked best on Facebook. Which ads were remembered more often and which ads made the viewer more likely to purchase the product? This is what Nielson has released in this study. Read more of this post

Tag Your Facebook Friends In Photos Anywhere

You know how you can tag your friends in photos on Facebook?  What if you could do that for photos found elsewhere on the web?  Well, now you can.

Taggable allows you to tag any of your Facebook friends in any image on the web.  So let’s say you have a picture of your friend Bob on Flickr.  As long as Bob is on Facebook, you can tag him in that photo by just using the Taggable bookmarklet and Facebook Connect.

This looks like a very promising startup.  Check them out here.