Brings Musicians And Fans Together

Modern technologies, such as the Internet, have redefined the music industry.  Musicians now have so many new ways of engaging their fans. is a platform that enables them to share their new songs with fans and collaborators instantly.   Read more of this post


Computing of the future: Cloud Computing VS Superconducting Processors

Computing has moved on a monumental amount since the dawn of personal computing in the 70’s. The question us technology bloggers are always asking ourselves is what is next?

There are a number of possibilities I have come across. Firstly cloud computing. The prospect of cloud computing would mean essentially that computers would have come full circle and once again become dumb terminals such as in the 60’s and 70’s and all the processing tasks would be carried out by a server. This would be a great option reducing the cost of manufacturing computers and would mean that you could connect any device such as a phone and access a fully fledged operating system and all your files so to speak.

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Find New Music, Books, And Movies That You Will Like

TasteKid is a discovery engine that provides instant recommendations for new music, movies, shows, books and authors based on your existing preferences.  It’s a cool concept, but I was skeptical at first about how well it would work.  Then I gave it a try, and it blew me away.  I input a few movies that I have seen and liked, and it output a bunch of movie titles, most of which I have also seen, and enjoyed.  This proves just how accurate this thing is.   Read more of this post

You Gotta Hear This: The Steve Jobs Song [Video]

Fanboys have nothing on this guy.

Jonathan Mann, the guy behind the Bing jingle, and later the hilarious MG Siegler song, and most recently the iPhone antenna song, is at work again.  This time he’s giving us a song about Steve Jobs.

If Apple-biased blog posts bug you, this song will make your head explode.   Read more of this post