Ustream Goes Hollywood

Today, video streaming network Ustream is taking a big step forward.  They have opened a new office in Hollywood, and hired Jason Kirk, formerly MySpace’s VP of Video & Entertainment.  Also new to the company is Wayne Sieve, now Ustream’s VP of Sports, who was formerly head of business development at Yahoo Sports.  They’ve also hired Jeff Varnell, another former MySpacer, as executive director of business development.   Read more of this post


Twitter Has Doubled In Staff In The Past 6 Months

At some point last week, Twitter’s staff exceeded 200 members.  The count is now 205.  That may be nothing compared to its competitors, but it’s impressive that is has basically doubled in staff in the past 6 months.  Twitter had 110 employees at the start of 2010, and just 22 at the start of 2009.   Read more of this post