Best free and paid webhosts

If you’re planning on becoming a web master then choosing a webhost is an extremely important decision and with a huge amount of choice available choosing is a daunting task. I’m someone who always likes to get the best results at a minimum price and you can’t get more cost efficient than free. My website is hosted  on a free server that you may find hard to believe in looking at it as it’s ad-free. I started my webmaster quest many years ago and one of the first free webhosts I ever tried out was Bravehost which had a large selection of tools available but these were all substandard unless you paid to upgrade them. This was the best I could achieve with Bravehost (Please ignore my 10-year-old technical in-adeptness and sinful runescape playing. The site was created in 2005) Bravehost also places a multitude of ugly ads on the site. The webhost I currently use for Xtreme Tech is awardspace.

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Twitter Startup Tips

As you may or may not know, Twitter has a little bit of a learning curve. It’s not a bad curve until it is compared to Facebook and things people are more familiar with. Your average Facebook user that doesn’t use Twitter, will look at it and see a project they don’t want to tackle. Here are a couple of tips that I have seen around and have come up with myself to help those people ease in to Twitter. Read more of this post

Dropbox 2GB free online storage space and file sharing

As any webmaster will tell you cheap online file storage is hard to come by. I have found a company that offer free 2GB of convenient online storage called Dropbox. Let me tell you more about it. As I am a webmaster myself with my website hosted on a free server(Awardspace) setting up file downloads for my products has been extremely hard until now. I have managed to host all my downloads on a free service called Dropbox which give me 2GB of free storage space and allows all my users to download my files off their servers. This not only means that I don’t have to waste any unnecessary space on my server I don’t have to use any extra bandwidth either.

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Computing of the future: Cloud Computing VS Superconducting Processors

Computing has moved on a monumental amount since the dawn of personal computing in the 70’s. The question us technology bloggers are always asking ourselves is what is next?

There are a number of possibilities I have come across. Firstly cloud computing. The prospect of cloud computing would mean essentially that computers would have come full circle and once again become dumb terminals such as in the 60’s and 70’s and all the processing tasks would be carried out by a server. This would be a great option reducing the cost of manufacturing computers and would mean that you could connect any device such as a phone and access a fully fledged operating system and all your files so to speak.

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Internet Explorer 9 Screenshot Leak

IE9 ScreenshotAs a technology enthusiast I have been watching the browser wars with baited breath and am exited to see Microsoft throw it’s latest IE hat into the ring.

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WordPress 3.0 Is Here

Unbeknownst to the average blog reader but out there for all WordPress users around the globe is the new WordPress 3.0 update. Along with the new default theme, relevant help menus, a new look and a boatload of bug fixes, WordPress has implemented a very nice little menu feature. This menu creator is what I think will become the most used and then forgotten about part of the WordPress 3.0 update. Read more of this post

Apple Fanboy Meets Apple Fangirl: Cupidtino

Cupidtino is a dating site for Apple fanboys and fangirls to connect and find love.  The name is a wordplay on Cupid and the city of Cupertino, which is where Apple’s headquarters are located.  Cupidtino publicly launched yesterday, allowing all you Apple fans to find your soul mates.  Or at least people of the opposite sex who won’t laugh at you for hugging your new Macbook Pro.   Read more of this post

Does Twitter Have The Appetite Of A Bird?

I was reading though a couple blogs this afternoon and found something a little bit odd. You’re probably asking yourself, “How many posts is he going to start out like that?” chances are, a lot more. I like to read blogs and sometimes I find things like this that I just can’t wait to share. But on to what this blog is really supposed to be about. Twitter. Twitter has been a big topic lately, especially with the big Chirp conference and everything. Is Twitter usage growing or declining? Is it getting bigger or smaller? Read more of this post

Make Easy Money With Fiverr

Trying to make money online? I know for a fact that there are a lot of people that are looking for something easy like that. How do I know that? I am in the same boat. I would love something easy to do, that doesn’t take much time but can make you more than .000326 cents a click. This is legitimate money that you can be making here. A very cool website that I found a while ago is called Fiverr. Read more of this post

So Long, Hello

Twitter CEO Evan Williams, while on stage at Twitter’s Chirp developer conference, confirmed that Twitter will be launching its own URL shortener.  He said it would be “stupid” not to integrate a URL shortener into Twitter’s website since all the big desktop apps have them.  “Everyone else has solved that problem,” he said.  “We are probably not going to give people a choice. If they want to use a different shortener, they can use a different app.”   Read more of this post