Making An iPhone App – A Barebones Guide

Developing an iPhone app is a long, complex and arduous process but extremely rewarding both professionally and educationally. It requires dedication to progress to the preliminary steps required to develop a working, desirable application. Why take my advice on this convoluted matter? I personally several months ago, was in the position that you, the reader are presumably in, I had no experience developing applications for mobile devices and indeed minimal experience with the iOS Software Development Kit. I currently have a free quiz application on the app store called ‘Computer Geek Quiz’ which, in its first week as a free app achieved over 700 downloads. I also have several small applications currently under development.

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My interview about my thoughts on blogging.

I did an interview with Drew from a couple of days ago and I’d like to thank him for publishing it. I talk about my thoughts on blogging on UTG and technology in general. You can read it here.

First robot that can convey emotions

It’s not often that I have cause for patriotism as most of the innovations in technology seem to be in the USA but this is an exception. A team of highly talented British computer scientists at Hertfordshire university lead by Lola Cañamero  have developed Nao, an artificially intelligent robot utilizing hierarchical temporal memory technology meaning the robot is running a learning software that is aimed at emulating the human neo cortex. Nao uses sensors and cameras to read proximity and visual feedback and is aimed at emulating human development up to 5 years.

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Best free and paid webhosts

If you’re planning on becoming a web master then choosing a webhost is an extremely important decision and with a huge amount of choice available choosing is a daunting task. I’m someone who always likes to get the best results at a minimum price and you can’t get more cost efficient than free. My website is hosted  on a free server that you may find hard to believe in looking at it as it’s ad-free. I started my webmaster quest many years ago and one of the first free webhosts I ever tried out was Bravehost which had a large selection of tools available but these were all substandard unless you paid to upgrade them. This was the best I could achieve with Bravehost (Please ignore my 10-year-old technical in-adeptness and sinful runescape playing. The site was created in 2005) Bravehost also places a multitude of ugly ads on the site. The webhost I currently use for Xtreme Tech is awardspace.

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New Amazon Kindle – Direct shot at iPad?

I’ve personally been following Amazon’s innovative ebook reader solution the kindle and I believe this is the first that has anything on the iPad.  Read more of this post

Do you have what it takes? – The Path to programming

Now ever since I was aware of computers I have always been obsessively interested in how they work. The first language I ever became aware of was html, I know not a programming language but an interpreted design language. I next became aware of Visual Basic.NET which is an object oriented programming language and essentially Basic with the .NET framework tacked on and a load of other advanced language features. 

After learning my first commands in VB.NET I fell in love with programming and my knowledge of computers began to balloon and expand extremely fast, literally one week I had no idea that another operating system apart from Windows existed and the next I was triple booting Windows, OSX86 and Linux using multiple partitions. Then I started to learn C++ and Java and experimented with Linux programming. Visual Basic.Net had taught me many programming fundamentals which made learning C++ much easier than it otherwise would have been. While learning C++ I used difference API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to create windowed applications for different operating systems. The API’s that I used were GTKMM and Win32.   Read more of this post

Nintendo 3DS first look

Do you remember the dawn of touchscreen gaming revolutionized by the Nintendo DS? Well this is the next step. Nintendo’s 3DS is set to revolutionize handheld gaming once again.

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Dropbox 2GB free online storage space and file sharing

As any webmaster will tell you cheap online file storage is hard to come by. I have found a company that offer free 2GB of convenient online storage called Dropbox. Let me tell you more about it. As I am a webmaster myself with my website hosted on a free server(Awardspace) setting up file downloads for my products has been extremely hard until now. I have managed to host all my downloads on a free service called Dropbox which give me 2GB of free storage space and allows all my users to download my files off their servers. This not only means that I don’t have to waste any unnecessary space on my server I don’t have to use any extra bandwidth either.

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Polymorphic viruses explained

Some people have been affected by a new sophisticated type of virus which can wreak havoc on a computer system and avoid detection.
Now I have always been interested in topics such as computer network security and hacking and recently I have come across a threat which is relatively unknown within the public domain and hardly ever explained. Indeed most definitions of a polymorphic virus are confined within the offices of computer scientists specializing in network security. Polymorphic viruses are a prime example of the fact that even if you take the highest precautions then your computer can still become infected. Read more of this post

Computing of the future: Cloud Computing VS Superconducting Processors

Computing has moved on a monumental amount since the dawn of personal computing in the 70’s. The question us technology bloggers are always asking ourselves is what is next?

There are a number of possibilities I have come across. Firstly cloud computing. The prospect of cloud computing would mean essentially that computers would have come full circle and once again become dumb terminals such as in the 60’s and 70’s and all the processing tasks would be carried out by a server. This would be a great option reducing the cost of manufacturing computers and would mean that you could connect any device such as a phone and access a fully fledged operating system and all your files so to speak.

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