United Tech Guys was founded on February 8th, 2010 as a weblog dedicated to sharing and reviewing new and existing tech and Internet-related companies and products.  We pride ourselves in delivering all the latest technology news and startup profiles on a daily basis.

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The UTG Team

Brad Merrill — Founder & Editor (Posts)
I’ve been on the Internet for a long time, and I’ve built a number of websites for myself and others.  I founded this blog because I’ve come to realize that there is always a high demand for information in the field of technology and startup businesses.  Although I spend a good deal of time using my computer, I realize that it is important to step away from the keyboard and enjoy real life as well.  I love spending time with my friends and family every chance I get.  Music is also a very important part of my life.  My musical taste is all over the place (that sentence is almost musical in itself, if you repeat it a few times).  I can listen to just about anything.  In terms of creating music, I play piano and occasionally compose songs.  If you’d like to see my full corporate profile, please take a look at my LinkedIn page.

Devon Schreiner — Writer (Posts)

My two passions in life are technology and music. Sadly, I don’t think I’m the next American Idol, so I am actively pursuing the technology lifestyle. I am currently a student at Dakota State University working towards a degree in Computer and Network Securities. Over the last couple years, I have worked at a radio station, truck repair shop, and at a help desk at the college. I also have built many websites for various people and organizations. My personal website and blog can be found at InflectoVita.com. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle, going to concerts and spending time with my girlfriend.

Scott Merrill — Writer (Posts)


When I first started using computers there were no Windows and there was no World Wide Web. No, we had Bulletin Boards. You had to go to the library and get public domain phone numbers of people who would allow you to connect to their computers via modem and share files with them. That was the internet… lol. Technology has came a long way since then and I have really enjoyed the ride.

Tom Brown — Writer (Posts)


I grew up in the internet era and have not experienced the dark days in which it did not exist, although I did experience dial up which looking back was a horrific experience. I’ve loved technology ever since I typed out my first sentence in Windows 95 and played my first online flash game. Recently I have just finished a double ICT BTEC Award and am starting a college course in software engineering. Programming is one of my favourite pastimes, mostly C++ and Visual Basic.Net but I often experiment with Website Design as well. At school I was the only kid who wanted to be Bill Gates instead of a footballer. My website an be found at XtremeTech.co.cc.