Facebook To Disable Boxes, Shrink Custom Tabs

Facebook has announced that they will be disabling boxes for profiles and pages, which includes the boxes tab.  They will also be changing the width of custom tabs (such as Static FBML tabs) to 520 pixels.  These changes will take effect publicly on August 23, but page admins see the changes already so they can reformat as necessary.

According to Fran Larkin of Facebook, the changes “are designed to simplify navigation for users, reduce complexity for developers, and enable us to build the next generation of tools for growing your business with Facebook.”  

I understand why they’ve decided to resize custom tabs — it makes them fit in more with the other tabs (although it will be a pain in the ass for people who put a lot of time into structuring an FBML tab for a full-width page).  But I don’t get why they’re removing Boxes.  A lot of people (businesses and average users alike) have gotten a lot of use out of that feature.  Maybe they think it’s a little too much clutter.  That’s one of the things that contributed to the death of MySpace.

This could be one of the many changes coming during Facebook’s rumored “lockdown” period to fend off “Google Me,” or whatever Google plans to call their upcoming social network.

I’m excited to see what else Facebook will be changing, if this “lockdown period” is legit.  Competition is good for the consumers, or in this case, the users.


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