New Amazon Kindle – Direct shot at iPad?

I’ve personally been following Amazon’s innovative ebook reader solution the kindle and I believe this is the first that has anything on the iPad.  This latest generation 6″ kindle rocks wifi and the higher end model has 3G. The beauty of the device is the fact that the 3G connection does not require a contract and you can browse the web on 3G in almost any country you happen to visit. Also the new kindle undercuts the iPad by £320.

Also the new kindle is 21% smaller, 17% lighter and has a 50% improved screen contrast. The storage space has also been increased so now the kindle can hold up to 3500 ebooks. Although the kindle will probably never be able to equal the huge functionality and features that the iPad offers the amazing price on this device may tempt some consumers who are only concerned about web browsing and ebooks over to Amazon’s side.

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My name is Tom I'm 22 and currently living in the UK. I'm a software engineer. In my free time I blog, take photographs, watch movies and hang out with friends.

2 Responses to New Amazon Kindle – Direct shot at iPad?

  1. Brad Merrill says:

    it’s not going to rival the iPad because we’re talking about two totally different products and companies here. Amazon is more focused on books, while Apple wants to expand to many other tablet-computing functionalities.

  2. Kim says:

    i don’t think it will be an ipad competitor, but definitely the best kindle yet.

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