Facebook Is On ‘Lockdown’ As It Prepares For Its War With Google

Google isn’t the only one gearing up for a social network battle.

Rumors recently surfaced that Google is working on developing a Facebook competitor called Google Me (which, I might point out, is a God-awful name), and it only became more obvious with their recent acquisition of social app maker Slide.

We are now hearing from a reliable source that Facebook is working on fending off Google’s plans.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg has officially declared that the company is on “lockdown” for the next 60 days.  Within this lockdown period, the office is open on weekends as the company works to revamp all of the major Facebook features in preparation for the rise of Google Me.  Apparently Zuckerberg even has a neon “Lockdown” sign on his office door.  

The phrase “lockdown” is a callback to Facebook’s early days, described in David Kirkpatrick’s The Facebook Effect.  During a lockdown, if someone tries to get up and leave, Zuckerberg will pound on the table and insist that no one leaves until he says so.

I think Facebook definitely has reason to be worried.  Google already tried to take a stab at Twitter with Google Buzz.  Google Buzz really sucks, but it has managed to get tons of users because its clever initial integration into Gmail.  All Google has to do is integrate Google Me, or whatever they end up calling it, into all of its other services, and they instantly get millions of users.  Granted, I doubt many Facebook users will be leaving anytime soon, but Facebook definitely needs to brace for impact.

I have contacted Facebook and am awaiting a comment.


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