DataVoila: “The Programmable Editor For The Pro User”

Note: I was compensated in exchange for writing this post.  All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’re a programmer, you know what a pain it is to convert data between many different sources and formats.  It’s time consuming and very tedious.  DataVoila automates this process for you.  It’s very versatile, yet it is about as far from bloatware as you can get.  There’s beauty in simplicity.

I asked developer Andreas Wulf how this program would be valuable to people, to which he responded, “DataVoila is for anyone who needs to extract, validate, convert or generally edit structured or unstructured data and wants to automate this task.”  

Specifically, DataVoila will edit things for you in a variety of formats by running scripts that you write yourself, or that you borrow from the program’s bundled sample projects.  For example, if you want to change a date format from MM/DD/YYYY to YY/MM/DD quickly and easily, DataVoila could definitely save you a lot of time.

Another usage example would be if you had a long list of names, and you wanted to remove duplicate entries.  The list would need to be pasted into the Input box.  You would then enter a few lines of code that strip out the unwanted duplicate entries.  Again, DataVoila provides samples you can use.  Then just click Run, and you have a clean list of names with no duplicates, and you didn’t have to take the time to read through the list three times and fix it by hand.

The first public beta version of DataVoila was just released today.  When you download the program, you have the option of getting a free or professional license.  They are the same in functionality, but the $80 professional license allows you to use the software for commercial purposes.


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