Dropbox 2GB free online storage space and file sharing

As any webmaster will tell you cheap online file storage is hard to come by. I have found a company that offer free 2GB of convenient online storage called Dropbox. Let me tell you more about it. As I am a webmaster myself with my website hosted on a free server(Awardspace) setting up file downloads for my products has been extremely hard until now. I have managed to host all my downloads on a free service called Dropbox which give me 2GB of free storage space and allows all my users to download my files off their servers. This not only means that I don’t have to waste any unnecessary space on my server I don’t have to use any extra bandwidth either.

All you have to do is sign up for Dropbox and download their application, this is where the term Dropbox comes into play. The Dropbox is literally a folder usually in your My Documents folder that synchronizes with the Dropbox server so you can dynamically add and remove files. Dropbox also works on multiple platforms. In your Dropbox folder you have a photos folder and a public folder, the public folder is the folder where you store content that you want anyone to have access to and download. When you add a file to the public folder in Dropbox you can generate a download link that you can hand out to your users or friends so that they can easily access and download your content.

All other folders that you create in the root directory of your dropbox folder will not be shared and only you will have access to them. Now you may be thinking why not use windows live skydrive? it gives more free space doesn’t it? The reason is this, skydrive is much less seamless and more cumbersome than dropbox and skydrive is only really suitable for photos and documents and is not ideal for sending content to users as I don’t believe it supports downloads.

Dropbox also offer an iPhone application which is great for managing your files on the go. If you’re interested in Dropbox visit this link.

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My name is Tom I'm 22 and currently living in the UK. I'm a software engineer. In my free time I blog, take photographs, watch movies and hang out with friends.

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