Computing of the future: Cloud Computing VS Superconducting Processors

Computing has moved on a monumental amount since the dawn of personal computing in the 70’s. The question us technology bloggers are always asking ourselves is what is next?

There are a number of possibilities I have come across. Firstly cloud computing. The prospect of cloud computing would mean essentially that computers would have come full circle and once again become dumb terminals such as in the 60’s and 70’s and all the processing tasks would be carried out by a server. This would be a great option reducing the cost of manufacturing computers and would mean that you could connect any device such as a phone and access a fully fledged operating system and all your files so to speak.

Now if you read my earlier post on Chrome OS I said that until a worldwide wifi situation exists the operating system would be less practical. If the world was indeed online a cloud computing solution consisting of Chrome OS hosted on a server would be ideal for most users. Now there are several problems with the theory of cloud computing at this point in time I will name the ones that I am aware of.

1. Viruses

Many people store their entire lives on computers, their work, music, photos, videos. Now imagine if a virus programmed to delete files and render operating systems useless infected a server and spread across the internet. This would render everyones computers useless and they would lose all their files.

2. Hacking

On the internet there are some devious people who would like nothing better to steal your money and personal data. If a hacker managed to hack into one of these operating system servers each user on the server could potentially lose everything to a hacker network.

3. Downtime

Every server has some downtime and in this downtime users would not be able to access their files or OS.

4. Traffic

As every webmaster knows traffic is both your greatest friend and potentially your worst enemy. A prime example of this is when Microsoft released Windows 7 beta for download and the server was pummeled with download requests from thousands of techies (Not pointing any fingers UTG readers!)  and fell to it’s knees in shock. Imagine if this happened with cloud computing.

For these reasons I believe cloud computing is not practical for a relatively long while. This is the second possibility that I believe will be utilized sooner.

Secondly is the possibility of a superconducting processor (Don’t worry if your scratching your head,  I had no idea either until A science nerd friend of mine posed the possibility of superconductivity in computers.) A superconductor is a material that can have a massive electrical charge passed through it without overheating. This means massive processing speeds can be achieved. Also imagine the concept applied to a graphics card. Superconducting processors have already been prototyped and built, obviously it will be a while though until we see them in action in commercial computers. I believe the ultimate solution will be cloud computing on servers with superconducting processors.

If you are interested in the concept of superconducting processors leave a comment or visit this url.

Be sure to let me know what you think the future of computing is.


About Tom (Tommy)
My name is Tom I'm 22 and currently living in the UK. I'm a software engineer. In my free time I blog, take photographs, watch movies and hang out with friends.

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