Midomi voice search engine

Now if you guys love music as much as me then you probably recall some situation when you’ve heard a track in a commercial or at a DJ and really liked it but couldn’t find the name of the track in order to buy it on iTunes, well Midomi is here to help.

Midomi is a fantastic music track search engine in which you sing to search for a track. Your voice pattern is then analyzed against a database of other users voice pattern in order to find the name of the track. Midomi also have an iPhone app called SoundHound but unfortunately this application costs money. Midomi is a great tool for finding music tracks although you probably won’t have any success with the more obscure/unpopular tracks.

You can try out Midomi here


About Tom (Tommy)
My name is Tom I'm 22 and currently living in the UK. I'm a software engineer. In my free time I blog, take photographs, watch movies and hang out with friends.

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