Internet Explorer 9 Screenshot Leak

IE9 ScreenshotAs a technology enthusiast I have been watching the browser wars with baited breath and am exited to see Microsoft throw it’s latest IE hat into the ring.

Up until now Microsoft’s contributions to the browser wars have been less than satisfactory. This started with the insecure IE6 which had so many security failings that currently Microsoft is trying to sweep all memory of IE6 under the rug just as they are starting to do with Windows Vista. After IE6 other browser such as Firefox, Opera and more recently Google’s Chromium browser have gained notability. The problem before was that less technically attuned people had no idea that there was an alternative to IE and some people had no perception of what a browser was and regarded that little blue logo as “The Button to the Internet”. Recently though the variety of browsers has entered the mind of the public, this is thanks in part to Google who publicize their browser on popular websites such as Youtube and even on billboards in public places. I personally ditched IE a few years ago when I downloaded every browser I could lay my hands on and chose my favorite, Opera. I liked the extensive customization options of Firefox and the speed of Chrome but the stability of Opera won my heart and it has not crashed rendering a webpage ever.

Now currently there is no best browser, they are all very capable and suit different people but in my opinion there is a worst. IE 8 is as uninspiring and unstable as it is slow and has been plagued from crashes since it’s release. This is contrary to Opera, Firefox and Chrome all of which are releasing inspiring new features all of the time such as Opera’s visual tab system. These new screenshots show that Microsoft is failing to revolutionize the browsing experience and they need to start with the user interface. That said I am impressed with with the new under the hood features that Microsoft are bringing to IE9 such as a wider range of HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)5 compatibility which has been awful thus far and all of the other browser boast better HTML 5 facilities. These features will mark a refreshing change within the multi browser paradigm and is one step closer to an HTML 5  world and hopefully an XHTML(Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language) 5 world.

The only reasons why IE maintains popularity is because it is shipped as the default browser within Microsoft’s Windows operating system giving them a huge publicity advantage over the competition. Despite Microsoft’s advantage their market share has been leaking like a sieve over the past few years as illustrated here. As you can see IE’s market share currently stands at around 50% and only a few years ago that figure was around 80%. Although the new IE9 features will be appreciated by many users unless I am mistaken I do not believe that IE9 will level the playing field so to speak. I think that it is likely that the IE market share will continue to lose out to Chrome, Opera and Firefox until it becomes a minority browser.

For those of you interested in browsers and programming you can see the browser I programmed using the webkit engine here.

Why not comment and make your case on your favorite browser?

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