YouTube Raises Maximum Upload Limit To 15 Minutes

YouTube has always allowed its users to upload as many videos as they want, with one condition:  the video cannot exceed 10 minutes (actually, the cutoff point was around 10:58), unless of course your account is included in one of YouTube’s partner programs.  YouTube is changing that.  It is boosting the maximum upload limit to 15 minutes.  

The 10-minute limit (imposed to cut down on piracy) made things difficult, and I’m sure that the 15-minute limit is going to become just as difficult as time goes on, but it is nice to know that YouTube is listening to its users and trying to extend it.  YouTube’s blog post about the extension explains why it can finally make this change:

Well, we’ve spent significant resources on creating and improving our state-of-the-art Content ID system and many other powerful tools for copyright owners. Now, all of the major U.S. movie studios, music labels and over 1,000 other global partners use Content ID to manage their content on YouTube. Because of the success of these ongoing technological efforts, we are able to increase the upload limit today.


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