Ballmer on the iPad “They’ve sold certainly more than I’d like them to have sold.”

Mr. Ballmer and his legendary perspiration

Mr. Ballmer and his legendary perspiration

It’s sobering to see such a big brash man usually so confident that Microsoft can fend off the ever more aggressive attacks by Apple finally start to doubt himself. Mr. Ballmer can no longer deny that his company is in deep trouble as Apple have been gaining on Microsoft in several fields. Recently for the first time ever Apple’s revenue became greater than Microsoft’s.

Microsoft tried evasive action with the Zune which failed to catch on and they also failed to steal Apple’s thunder with the droll demonstration of the HP tablet running Windows 7. This statement is from a man who has just come to terms with the fact that his company is not immortal. Microsoft’s problem is that their products have been lacking innovation recently and cannot compete with the showmanship and reality distortion field utilised by Apple C.E.O Steve Jobs when announcing products. Now as you informed bunch probably know Mr. Ballmer is something of a showman himself and Youtube will undoubtably back up this statement (Just type in Ballmer + Developers). To revive the crumbling Microsoft empire they should focus on only a few specific fields instead of trying to trump Apple at every turn.

When Bill Gates saved Apple when the company was in financial trouble he set in motion a ticking time bomb which Mr. Ballmer will have to diffuse in order to save the company. I believe Bill saved Steve to make it even between the both of them as the Microsoft empire was built on the stolen Macintosh GUI which they cloned and called their own. The problem for Microsoft is that Steve is back with a vengeance, all of that talk about the era of competition between the companies ending was a lie Steve will not rest until Microsoft is dead and Apple is the sole largest hardware and software company. This is one of those rare occasions when it is acceptable for Mr. Ballmer to sweat in the quantities that he is so used to.


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2 Responses to Ballmer on the iPad “They’ve sold certainly more than I’d like them to have sold.”

  1. Leo says:

    Apple will never defeat Microsoft completely. It just won’t happen.

    • Tom Brown says:

      Ah, Thats exactly what was said about IBM 30 years ago when they dominated the business market.

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