This Website Will Find A Carwash For You

This one dares to be different, folks.  That’s why it could potentially be very successful. provides a database of carwashes all across the US.  Users can find washes within their vicinity by searching and filtering results by the type of service offered, and then getting detailed directions to get there.  This could be a good service for people who have moved to a new area and are not yet acquainted with their surroundings.  

The service also allows businesses to update their listings for a small fee.  Custom listings may include business hours, photos, and custom SEO keywords that will give you more visibility through search engines.

There doesn’t seem to be any mobile access to this website (a mobile-optimized site, an iPhone app, an Android app, etc.) as of yet.  That’s something that they definitely should have because people are likely to want access to this kind of information on-the-go.

All in all, this is an interesting startup.  It allows people to locate carwashes in their area, and it allows carwash owners to maintain an affordable, search engine-friendly website.  If you own a carwash, this could be a great resource for connecting to your customers.


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