Apple refresh iMac and add New product…

Unveiled Tuesday (surprise surprise) in traditional Apple form, they released silent updates to the iMac, Mac Pro, Led Cinema Display and add a mysterious new product… more about that later.

Firstly in the iMac department Apple has brought a significant update to the processors of the line. They have adopted the Intel Arrandale i3 processors for the low end of the iMac range which will offer a significant performance boost from the previous generation of the Core 2 Duo processors as the i3 processors support a technology called Hyper Threading. Hyper Threading meaning a 2 core processor can run  4 threads (chains of tasks) this basically means that the i3 is a Core 2 Duo on steroids. On most of the higher end machines Turbo Boost is also offered which means the processor cores can dynamically increase or decrease in speed to meet power efficiency needs or to automatically overclock themselves in order to increase gaming performance. Another notable upgrade is the ATI graphics cards in replacement to Nvidia, now I know that over the years the usage of either Nvidia or ATI graphics cards within their computers tends to fluctuate and this may be a routine switch over but I suspect that Nvidia has failed to meet up to Apple’s famous high standards and has been given the regal middle finger from Steve Jobs as last year many of Nvidia’s 9400m graphics chips proved to be defective and prompted a recall of many Apple macbooks resulting in Apple and Nvidia loosing a substantial amount of money. All of the iMac’s now have discrete ATI graphics cards (256 for the low end, 512 mid end and 1GB high end.) This means that for power efficiency the integrated graphics card can be utilised and for gaming you can switch to the beastly dedicated cards. The RAM (Random Access Memory) has also had a speed bump from 1066GHz to 1333GHz DDR3 resulting in higher performance when running demanding tasks. In summary the update to the iMac’s is inspiring and the user will definitely see the benefits of the new processors and graphics cards although It’s disappointing that Apple decided not to include blu ray or HDMI in the new iMac. Although since Steve Jobs describes blu ray as “a bag of hurt” I don’t think we will be seeing blu ray in any Apple product for a long time. Anyone who knows Apple knows that for Steve Jobs to describe something as a bag of hurt it means he has a personal vendetta against it.

Now about that new product…

Apple released an innovative new product called the Magic Trackpad which may lead to the death of the mouse. The death of the mouse?! I hear you exclaim, yes it’s a very bold statement for Apple to make and at first admittedly I was skeptical but after all my years following Apple I’ve learnt that they aren’t often wrong. The Magic Trackpad is an extremely large multi touch trackpad that has identical functionality to the trackpad built in to the current generation of Macbook Pro’s and the one that I am currently using while typing this blog post. The size of the trackpad on the Macbook Pro is, in my opinion large enough. The size of the Magic Trackpad seems to me to be too big although this is the only counter intuitive aspect that I can see with the device. It supports all the gestures that make the Macbook Pro trackpad the great trackpad that it is and I believe that it will make a great desktop peripheral alongside a keyboard. Although I do find it odd that they release a product that seems to be a counter product to their already intuitive Magic Mouse.


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13 Responses to Apple refresh iMac and add New product…

  1. Catherine Franks says:

    Apple suck so much it annoys me that they keep trying so hard

    • Dave says:

      I think it’s admirable that Apple keep trying to innovate with new products like this

      • Catherine Franks says:

        It might be admirable, but it’s still pointless. Apple have no sensible, realistic vision of where they want to be in the market. The traditional image is the upmarket “Graphics Designer” computers, but when they announce products like this, they push themselves out of that area. They end up floundering about, and that just doesn’t work in the real world

  2. TechFire says:

    Too expensive for the poor folks like me.

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  4. Tom Brown says:

    The Apple graphics design stereotype died years ago and they have since been broadening their innovation into different areas and succeeding. To date Mac OS 10 has been consistently benchmarked to be faster than Windows in multiple fields as well as easier to use. Apple created the first personal computer to use a GUI (Graphical User Interface) In 1984 called the Macintosh 128k The current situation exists today because Bill Gates copied the code utilised within the macintosh prototypes that Steve Jobs entrusted him with. Apple’s goal has been and always will be to create revolutionary products that will challenge the status quo and create a better personal computing paradigm.

    • Catherine Franks says:

      The sheer magnitude of the rose tint in your spectacles startles me. The “Graphics designer” stereotype may have gone in your well-informed mind, but it still exists in the large majority of consumers

      • Tom Brown says:

        Hmm you seem very hostile towards Apple Catherine did Steve Jobs hurt you in some way? You also seem like a very intelligent person but Apple has moved along considerably and I don’t believe that the Graphics Designer stereotype still exists in the majority of consumers due to the aggressive I’m A Mac ad campaign that drew attention to the fact that a Macintosh can do everything and more and Windows computer can.

  5. Catherine Franks says:

    It’s laughable to suggest that macs can do “everything and more” than Windows can. The situation has changed over the last few years I agree, but it the vast majority of programs exclusively work on windows. Even if they could do “everything and more”, the reputation can’t be removed as easily as by an ad campaign. I’ll divide the consumers into three groups: low level, mid level, and high level. Low level consumers know little, if anything, about computers. They wander into the store, look bemused at labels, and get a staff member to sell them whatever they are told is the best, focusing especially on value. This group may not even be aware that macs exist, and those that do certainly follow the “Graphics designer” view. The mid level know a bit more about computers. They make more informed choices when buying a computer. They know more clearly what they want, but they are also very concerned with price. These people are put off macs by a combination of the price, and either the reputation that they see in them, or that they know others see in them. High level people such are yourself more informed still, and will choose whichever computer you like regardless of it’s perceived reputation. As long as these three groups still exist and function as they do today, it is near-impossible for Apple to enter the more mainstream computer market

    • Tom Brown says:

      I strongly disagree. Macintosh computers include software called boot camp with allows the running of windows through bios emulation meaning that Windows can be run at native speed. This way consumers who are partial to Windows can run their Apps on Windows. I was right in saying the Macintosh can do everything and more than windows because Macintosh is not just an operating system like windows it is a computer that is capable of doing anything a consumer computer can do with the added benefits of the security and stability of the UNIX kernel and privileging system at the foundation of an operating system that is faster and more intuitive than Windows. Macintosh computers have also been shown to last much longer than the average Windows computer. This renders the Windows vs Macintosh argument invalid.

  6. Catherine Franks says:

    If you’re going to stop comparing operating systems, and only the physical computer, the PC wins hands down because of the far greater choice and value you have in buying one

    • Tom Brown says:

      There is no best operating system only the one that suits the needs of the specific consumer. As with regards to the PC vs Macintosh computer argument there can be no clear winner as each specific user has specific needs but for people who fit into group 2 & group 3 of the groups that you mentioned a macintosh would meet their needs whatever they are. As for group 1 they would love a Macintosh as it is easy to use they would not have to be concerned about spyware or malware. The PC does not win hands down because when you buy a Macintosh you buy a well designed computer that will last a long time and has a unique operating system which is both fast and stable. You can not find a better computer within the price range.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the magic trackpad is REALLY awesome. i didn’t think i would like it, but now that i’ve tried it, i love it!

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