If You’re Gonna Make A Commercial, Don’t Make It Suck

Someone has to say it.  The commercials from AllGood Home Improvement (you’ve seen them — those annoying “We’ll save you a LOT of money!” ads on CBS) are absolutely horrible.  If startups had a “DO NOT” guide for TV marketing, this would be on it.

One of the key elements of a good commercial is memorability.  Well, I’ll admit this thing is as memorable as hell, but for the longest time, I had no idea what it was attempting to advertise (in fact, I only found out when I decided to write this article).  But it was memorable.  And yet I still want to shoot myself every time I see it.  

The video is bad, but the audio is much, much worse.  Poor audio quality in conjunction with two unnecessarily loud voices is bad.  I also don’t think it’s any secret that the two voices have no business in marketing in the first place (at least with the tone they use).  Their overly-enthusiastic voice inflections almost patronize the viewers.  I don’t understand how they consider that a decent commercial.

Luckily, the audio quality has improved throughout the years as they have made new commercials with the same theme in mind, but they continue their bad habits in terms of speaking, and it drives me crazy.  Even if you’re on a low budget in the marketing department, you can do better than this.

If you are involved in the marketing of a new startup, use this commercial (and the rest on their YouTube channel) as an example of what NOT to do.

And AllGood, PLEASE improve your commercial and stop torturing my eardrums.  Oh, and your website could use some work too.

Since the last 200 words were pure positive hype about this commercial, I bet you want to see it, right?  No?  Okay, well at least watch it to see if we’re on the same page.


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