Facebook May Be Testing A New “Delete Account” Option

Updates at bottom of post.

This is totally unverified, but several sources from across the web seem pretty sure that this is the real deal.  It appears that Facebook is testing a “Delete Account” option, in addition to the previous “Deactivate Account” option.  If you’re not familiar with Facebook history, you had to jump through hoops to delete your account, and even then your account was not truly deleted.  Presumably, this new feature could make account deletion considerably easier.

According to a Slashdot report, this option, which appears to be in a limited testing phase, will “permanently delete your account and all information you have shared.”  Keep in mind, however, that Facebook’s terms of service allow it to withhold your information even after your account has been deleted.

Previously, Facebook made you go through a corn maze to delete your account.  That maze (if you don’t give up) eventually leads you to this page.

We have contacted Facebook, and are awaiting a reply.  If anyone has noticed this option in your Account Settings menu, we would appreciate it if you emailed a screenshot to tips@unitedtechguys.com.

We will update as we acquire more information.

A Facebook representative contacted us and said:

We test new ideas like this all the time – including the placement of various features. One of these recent tests included variations of the delete account option for a very small percentage of people.


3 Responses to Facebook May Be Testing A New “Delete Account” Option

  1. Mark Kish says:

    Holy **** I have it!

    • Brad Merrill says:

      could we get a screenshot?

  2. Abreevs says:

    if they can still keep your data, what’s the difference?

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