– The Social Network For Developers [Get an invite!] is a promising new startup that allows developers to share knowledge and code with other developers over the Internet.  It’s a really cool concept.  Basically it’s a full social network where you have a customizable profile, and you can share “code snippits” in a variety of computer languages, and other users can take those snippits and use them for their own software, or constructively criticize them to help you out.  But they are currently in private beta, so you need to be invited to join.  If this sounds appealing, we have invites to give away, and you might just get one.  

I’ve done some exploring on the website, and there are some really talented developers over there.  The community has already grown enough for you to always get timely feedback on your snippits.  I also saw a few pieces of code that (in conjunction with one another) are being sold elsewhere on the net.

So what’s this about getting an invite?!

That’s right, we have a few invites to give away to the community, but we’re not giving them away to just anyone, because that would be a waste of space on such a great site.  Leave a comment below explaining why you deserve an invite to  Be sure to fill out a valid email address in the comment form (it’s not publicly visible), and you just might get an invite.


8 Responses to – The Social Network For Developers [Get an invite!]

  1. Matt Cueto says:

    give me an invite.

    • Brad Merrill says:

      please reread the last paragraph of the article and try that again. 🙂

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  4. Mojo says:

    Hey brad,
    i am a software developer and an invite to code snippit would be very useful to me because I love collaborating with others on software projects.
    Thank you. 🙂

    • Brad Merrill says:

      check your inbox.

  5. Shelby says:

    Could I get an invite please?

    • Brad Merrill says:

      we do have some left, but you didn’t read the last paragraph, did you?

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