WordPress.com: Post By Voice

WordPress.com has enabled a new feature that allows its users to create blog posts by recording their voice via telephone.  This is my first voice blog post.  I have done podcasts before, but never something like this.  This is great for on-the-go blogging.  Isn’t it easier to make a quick phone call rather than booting up a laptop, connecting to WiFi, and then writing a post?  Of course it is!

If you have a blog hosted on WordPress.com, you can easily enable this feature by going to WP Dashboard -> My Blogs, and clicking “Enable” under “Post By Voice.”

It’s just so easy!  Click the button below to hear my very first voice blog post!


5 Responses to WordPress.com: Post By Voice

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  2. seeta15 says:

    I just found out about this myself…and did my first random rant /telephone blog…how cool is that right???

    • Brad Merrill says:

      it is pretty great! i wish there was a way you could change the title of the post before publishing it, but i guess that wouldn’t be possible by phone…
      still a great feature though! 😀

  3. S Schild says:

    Just tried this and it is very cool. Too bad there is no way to know tag or categorize it at the end of the call.

    For now that will be an admin job. The thing that is going to be a challenge on the admin end is to figure out how to best categorize and display the information so others will see it or hear it. It can become time consuming for users to have to listen to each one rather than quickly browse through the text. Voice to text may be a good future consideration. Some audio if it were a recording of a speech would obviously be good to keep as an audio file and properly categorize it. So there will be a challenge to decide how each audio post can best be used to get the most from it.

  4. blindaction says:

    It would be nice to save the post as a draft before hanging up. I have used this feature on other sites. This way you could go and add a description and summary of the post and then publish it. Great way to podcast, and with 3 gigs of free storage and the low bit rate of phone calls you could store a lot of audio.

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