Is The YouTube For Startups is a video service that lets startups share news, follow their favorite companies, and contribute to tech news.

Vator was founded by Bambi Francisco Roizen.  It began back in 2007 “a little garage project,” and has evolved into a thriving community.  

Three years later, Bambi reflects on what Vator has become:

Vator has always been – from the moment it was conceived to the time it launched nearly three years ago – a place for startups to bubble up from the pack, or at the very least, have a platform to be recognized by anyone and everyone. We’ve evolved a lot since first having a crude site where entrepreneurs of all stripes (toy maker in Austria for example) uploaded video pitches. Today, mostly high-tech entrepreneurs use their profiles to communicate with our growing entrepreneur ecosystem. Smule is a great example.

If you are involved in a new startup, it would worth your time to take a look at Vator’s resources section.


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