We Didn’t Mean To Spam You, Sorry

If you’re subscribed to our email notification service, you may have received some unnecessary excess emails today and yesterday.  It’s something we screwed up when we edited our Feedburner settings.  People were receiving emails after every post, at the end of every day, and at the end of every week.  At this point, everything should be fixed, so you should only be receiving notifications at the end of every day.  Hopefully.

We didn’t mean to spam you guys.  If the problem persists, let us know.


2 Responses to We Didn’t Mean To Spam You, Sorry

  1. Savv says:

    I’m noticing that UTG is changing. I keep seeing adsense ads showing up suddenly, and also there’s a new logo at mail.unitedtechguys.com. What’s going on?

    • Brad Merrill says:

      Yes, UTG is changing. I recently sent an email to the staff talking about our future together. It was a long one. I don’t plan to publish it, but I will be talking a little about the future in a post sometime today (June 8th). The ads you’re seeing are not a monetization effort at this point (that’s coming), but a put-this-ad-on-your-site-or-we’ll-shut-down-your-server type of thing. Seriously.
      Why you were on our email server I’m afraid to ask. But the answer is yes, that is the fuzzy prototype of a new logo. If you’d like a better quality version, take a look at this:

      and here’s the small version you saw:

      See, Google Apps (which powers our email server) doesn’t play well with logos. The color always seems a little off.
      The rest of our “life goals” will be documented in a blog post sometime today.

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