Yahoo Wants HuffPo

It has become quite clear that Yahoo wants to play a bigger role in the game of online content, and its recent acquisition of Associated Content is proof.  But it turns out the real prize Yahoo is after is the Huffington Post.

HuffPo is currently negotiating with Yahoo over a content partnership, say sources.  There are also some rumors we’re hearing that say that Yahoo is interested in buying the Huffington Post altogether, but it seems HuffPo isn’t interested in an outright sale.  

Yahoo is in need of quality content, while the Huffington Post is in need of more traffic.  A partnership between the two companies is very likely, as there are already many ties between them.  The CEO of the Huffington Post, Eric Hippeau, sits on Yahoo’s board, and HuffPo’s president, Greg Coleman, used to be in charge of sales at Yahoo.

The Huffington Post is currently the biggest blog in the world, and an acquisition by Yahoo would grow it even more while helping Yahoo’s content business.


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