Leaked White iPhone HD?

Here we go again.  If Apple was hoping to surprise us this June by releasing a white edition of the new iPhone, that’s too bad.  Taiwanese Apple blog Apple.pro published last week what it claimed were the front panels of the white iPhone, and now they have published photos of what they say is the actual device.  

The front panel does seem to stick out a little bit, which makes it look strange.  However, the hardware does look consistent with the iPhone Gizmodo showed us.

Is this another leak, or a scam?  Only time will tell.


3 Responses to Leaked White iPhone HD?

  1. Oh my gosh, all of this news just makes me want an iPhone more and more everyday. That white one looks awesome and now I want one even more again. Man I hope they come to Verizon.

    • Brad Merrill says:

      I want one too. They need to go CDMA for us Verizon and Sprint people!
      There are rumors across the blogosphere that it might be happening…but no one is sure yet.

  2. Mark says:

    a white iphone would be sooo cool.

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