Google Buzz Gets An API

Among Google Buzz’s many issues, there is one thing that hasn’t been fixed (up to this point):  Buzz lacked an API.  That’s why we didn’t see it being integrated into any of the big Twitter/Facebook applications.  Eventually we managed to throw together our own “Buzz This” button, and Google announced an official button shortly after, but that wasn’t enough.  Services like TweetDeck and Seesmic wanted to integrate its full functionality.  Now they can.  

TweetDeck and Seesmic are among the many launch partners.  Seesmic has already integrated Buzz into their Android, desktop, and web applications.

The Google Code blog post about the API read:

End-users opt into using applications built with the Google Buzz API via an interstitial confirmation screen outlining the application’s requested access scope (read-only, read/write, etc.). They can see which apps have access to their data and can disable access at any time from the Google Accounts page, the Google Dashboard, the “Buzz” tab in Gmail Settings, or from the app itself.

This initial iteration of the API includes support for fetching public per-user activity feeds, fetching authorized and authenticated per-user activity feeds (both what the user creates, and what they see), searching over public updates (by keyword, by author, and by location), posting new updates (including text, html, images, and more), posting comments, liking updates, retrieving and updating profiles and social graphs, and more. The best way to get started is to dive right in and begin reading the Google Buzz API developer documentation.


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