Find A Mouse That Fits

One thing that I am very picky about when it comes to computers it my mouse and keyboard. The logic is there though. When you are using your computer you are manipulating the mouse and keyboard to make everything else happen. In some cases, like mine, where I use a computer a lot, I am using my mouse and keyboard a lot too. That means I want to have a set of input devices that I like to use.

Just today I received my new mouse in the mail. I have had my trusty Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 for just about three years now and the only reason I am replacing it is because the right button is finally wearing out. What mouse do I want to get to replace it? Of course the same thing! I went online though and to my dismay they have changed the 6000 all around and it looks all weird now. I did not want that. So I found the one that looked the most like the one I have now. The Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000.

Now this mouse may look the same but it is quite different. To start off, the scroll wheel can be pressed left and right as well as scrolling it, there is only the one side button where on the other one there were two and of course the color is a little bit different.

Now this isn’t really a review and this is definitely not a paid blog post. This is just simply me telling you that I have been using basically the same mouse for the last three years and I absolutely love it and recommend it. If you are looking for a great, simple, cheap mouse, I would definitely give this thing a try.

What kind of mouse do you use? What do you look for in a good mouse? Let me know on Twitter, @DevonSchreiner or @UnitedTechGuys or just down in the comments.

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