Ning Is All Premium As Of July ’10

Social network platform Ning is cutting off its free product and cutting 40% of their staff, as reported in an article last month.  Now the change is official.  I received an email from Ning today giving me the final word about the change:  Pay us or get out.  

The email:


We’re writing today to let you know about some new and exciting changes coming to Ning. In July, we’re doing two very important things:

1. We’ll be phasing out all free Ning Networks.

We want to provide a new level of innovation to Network Creators — and build all the valuable features Network Creators have asked us to. To get there, we need to focus 100% on paid Ning Networks. This phasing out of free services won’t happen until July, so you’ll have plenty of time to weigh your options. We’ll do our best to provide you with a migration path if you don’t wish to continue with Ning, but we’d love to have you come along for all of the exciting future developments.

2. We’re introducing new plans and pricing.

To help make it easy for you to come along with us, we’ve created new plans for every kind of Ning Network: big, small and in between. We think you’ll find these new options affordable for almost every budget — as little as $3/month. That’s an unprecedented deal that even allows you to go ad-free.

The plans will be available in July, but you can get a sneak peek at the details here.

What does this mean for my Ning Network?

While nothing is going to be changing today, we encourage you to check out the upcoming plans. If you don’t wish to continue as a Network Creator, we’ll be following up with you in the coming weeks to provide you with details on how to close out or migrate your Ning Network. You’ll have plenty of time to make the best decision for you and your members, and we’ll do our best to make that decision as easy as possible.

What if I have more questions?

We thought you might! We’ve put together a list of FAQs that will help answer many of your questions. Nothing will be changing immediately, and we’ll be contacting you again via email with more details.


Jason Rosenthal Jason Rosenthal
CEO, Ning, Inc.

Ning has made some changes to their payment options.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ning Pro: Ning Pro Networks offer unlimited membership, full control over branding, multimedia options including music uploads and branded players, and advanced customization. Price: $49.95 / month or $ 499.95/ year.
  • Ning Plus: Ning Plus Networks provide unlimited membership, full control over branding, and features including events, groups, chat, pages and Ning Apps. Network Creators using Ning Plus will also have advanced customization options that include the ability to edit CSS, add Javascript and make use of a Language Editor. Price: $19.95 / month or $199.95 / year.
  • Ning Mini: Networks using Ning Mini have access to Ning’s core features including, blogs, photos, forums and video embeds, and the added ability to run custom advertising. Price: $2.95 / month or $19.95 / year.

The changes to Ning’s services will be effective in July.  They can actually save users some money because the current premium plan, which offers the ability to use your own URL, remove Ning links, and run your own ads, costs $55 per month.  The new plan will allow users to have all of these features for only $19.95.


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