Steve Jobs Publicly Bashes Adobe And Flash, Adobe Responds

Are you ready to rumble?  In one corner, we have Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, the most loved and most hated company in the tech industry.  In the opposing corner, we have Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, who doesn’t understand Apple’s rejection of Adobe Flash.

Today, the two CEOs are publicly battling each other.  

Steve Jobs’s Letter

Steve Jobs posted a blog post this morning entitled “Thoughts On Flash,” which offered insight into his reasoning for not supporting Flash on Apple products.  It also retaliated against Adobe’s claims that Apple’s Flash-free philosophy is based solely on business motivation.

In short, Jobs explained that the Flash platform is closed and that he values open web technologies (most ironic statement of the year?).

He goes on to explain that surfing the web without Flash does not create an incomplete experience.  He states that many Flash videos are already available in Apple-supported alternative formats, such as HTML5.  Although Flash games cannot be played on Apple products, he suggests that the App Store provides enough alternatives to remove that problem altogether.

Adobe’s Response

Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen did an interview with The Wall Street Journal to discuss Jobs’s letter.  Narayen says that Adobe’s goal is and always has been to make it easy for people to work on any OS.  He says Apple’s restrictions are “cumbersome” for developers because they have to maintain not one, but “two workflows” — one for Apple, and one for everyone else.

“We have different views of the world,” Narayen tells The Journal. “Our view of the world is multi-platform.”

He continues to state that he is maintaining his view that Jobs’s Flash ban is based purely on business.  He says that Apple can benefit most from exclusive Apple apps that aren’t available on any other platform.  Adobe’s platform allows developers to create apps that can be accessed on multiple platforms.

“It doesn’t benefit Apple,” he says, “and that’s why you see this reaction.”


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