Police Raid Gizmodo Editor’s Home

Unbelievable.  You are probably aware that Gizmodo recently published an article after receiving an iPhone 4 prototype which was found on a bar floor.  Obviously there has been much controversy about just how legal this was, and now the police are involved.  Editor Jason Chen had four of his computers and two servers confiscated last night when officers entered his home (by bashing the door in) with a search warrant.

Chen wasn’t home when the police arrived, but when he arrived he was told they had been there for hours.  His door was bashed in because he wasn’t home to open it.  He wasn’t arrested, but police seized phones, four computers, two servers, four computers, external hard drives, and more.

The document detailing what police intended to seize referred to Apple’s “prototype 4G iPhone” as “stolen.”  

This is Chen’s full story.  [Via Gizmodo]


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